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Default Planted Betta Nano-Tank at Work

Hi guys! Soooo I came on here to update the thread about my office desk tank for my betta because I just upgraded it, and realized I never actually started a thread on that tank! Oops! So, I will use this first post to show how I originally set it up, followed by another post with the upgrade

When I interviewed for my current job at Liberty Science Center I noticed as soon as I walked into the office area that one of my (soon-to-be at the time) coworkers had a small fish tank on his desk. Naturally, once I was hired, one of the first questions I asked on my first day was "so....can I have a tank on my desk?" I had to go through the "proper" channels and clear it with animal husbandry, but I was given permission to have a small tank on my desk.

So I went out and picked up this little tank

Threw in some gravel and some moss

Seeded the filter (and dampened the filter flow) with some sponges from filters at home

They went in on each side of the filter bad in the filter

And got a beautiful betta (I've never seen one this color before)

Went through some lovely GSA blooms (this is before it got really bad)

But eventually everything settled down and the algae took care of itself.
Along the way I also added some more plants, some from the 60g breakdown, some from my other tanks

And some final shots of the tank from yesterday

And finally, a few more fish pics with the sun shining on him

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Default Re: Planted Betta Nano-Tank at Work

Now the part I liked least about this tank was that the filter and the light were on the same circuit, so there was no way to set a timer for the light, but if one thing starts to fail you have to worry about the whole system collapsing. The timer thing turned out not to be an issue because there are huge windows behind me facing the tank, so it gets plenty of natural sunlight for the plants. However, because the top of the tank was black and it's in the corner of my desk, it was hard to see Mr. Betta without the light on, so I did use it while I was sitting at my desk. BUT the light began to shut itself off pretty early on, and eventually it was next to impossible to get it to stay on most days. And this made me nervous that a) the filter might also stop working or b) my fish might get electrocuted if there was an issue with the wiring. So I decided it was time for an upgrade.

I did a LOT of research before picking the new tank. I wanted to find a balance between price and performance. I got a little bit of $ for Chrismakuh (my family celebrates both Christmas and Chanukah if that wasn't clear from the name mash there LOL) so I figured I could spend a little more now to save $$ in the long run. I ended up going with the Fluval Spec III, which aside from being an upgrade in performance and style, also gives Mr. Betta an extra 1.5 gallons of water. Apparently the new thing for these nano tank kits is to put the filter and lights on the same circuit. There were a few other models I liked that were a little less money but they had everything on one circuit which I do not like at all. Anyway, so in between programs at work yesterday and then once I was done for the day, I switched Mr. Betta over to his new home.

New tank set up in it's tray (the tray helps reduce the possibilty of water getting all over my desk and therefor computer should the tank spring a leak....or just when I'm messing around in it ) with craft foam underneath to reduce any pressure points if the tray is uneven (this is a glass tank, don't want those seams popping!)

Pulled the plants out of the old tank, the anubias grew a TON (that's the one that had one lonely leaf on it before), Javas did well too

Crypt did not do as well, it was a little shaded in the back corner of the tank, but the root system was super healthy, so hopefully it will bounce back

Ready to make the switch! (The airline tubing is moving the water from the old tank into a holding container so I can use it to fill the new tank)

The filter media is a large sponge with 2 holes cut in it, one for ceramic tubes and one for charcoal filteration, I tossed the charcoal and replaced with the filter sponges from the other tank

I also cut a chunk out of the filter sponge to go over the outflow (the biggest complaint about this tank in reviews was that the filter was too strong for a betta....people who knew what they were talking about suggested this easy modification to disperse the current)

Layered the bottom with some homemade root tabs

Covered it over with gravel and planted as best I could (it turns out I need more gravel, so I will be fixing that on Tuesday) and installed the pump and outflow

Put the tank in place and began filling it with the water from the old tank (once the water was high enough I started dumping it in the back compartment, was trying not to disturb the substrate since it was just barely covering the clay)

Then I put Mr. Betta in his new home

Size comparison with the old tank (the footprint of the new tank is the same with, but about double the depth back to front, and a little under double the height)

I will of course update again when I go in on Tuesday and see how everything looks. Though my coworker was nice enough to inform me that she checked on Mr. Betta today and he is alive and the water is clear. I am guessing the tank is going to look a bit bare now with so much height, I'm thinking I'll need some hardscape in this one. Maybe a nice piece of DW to attach that anubias to.

Thanks for looking!
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Default Re: Planted Betta Nano-Tank at Work

Yikes! It's been forever since I updated this thread, as you might imagine, a lot has changed! Here is a bit of a time lapse starting with how the tank looked after the upgrade:


was having a bit of an algae issue, but I finally remembered to bring in snails

1 week after adding snails to the tank...literally the only change I made, difference was amazing

Got some driftwood for the tank to add a bit of interest and get some height in the tank


Added some crypts to the tank

Well I was afraid the snails would die from lack of algae so I took them out, then algae started coming back so I put them back in, but apparently I had thrown things out of whack enough that they couldn't keep up with it this time, and algae came back with a vengeance. Was also on the road for a work a lot during this time so I was neglecting the tank slightly during this time

After some TLC that included glass scraping followed by a water change, and another water change a couple days later, tank started looking better again

After a month of TLC and the addition of a few more snails, the tank is doing well
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Default Re: Planted Betta Nano-Tank at Work

nice betta
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