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Nano Aquariums Nanos aquariums may be small but they can make a striking canvas for your aquascapes.

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Default Snail invasion

Merry Christmas one and all!!!!

I decided to treat my newly cycled nano cube to a new plant... it looks pretty good too, result!

There's one issue... I have at least five stowaways. Yep that's right, snails. Tiny little snails.

Not a problem as such but being a small tank and already having two nerites, two whiteclouds and a betta, I fear I am approaching if not maxing out my bio load.

This morning two pea sized snails seem to be in some kind of embrace... I had them down as juvies but the way they are carrying on I'm not sure...

To cut a long story short... is anyone able to ID the snails from the really ropey photos I've attached?

Am I going to have an issue with the bio load?

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Default Re: Snail invasion

Pond snails. They have next to no bioload. I enjoy them as they are great at cleaning and eating dead plant material. They are prolific. Have lots in my 10g

Wcm are a cold water fish. How big is your tank just curious.

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