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Nano Aquariums Nanos aquariums may be small but they can make a striking canvas for your aquascapes.

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Default 8g river tank

Way too many species, but learning from others on how to manage it. Inspired by Martin Thoene's River Tank design for Hillstream loaches, but have since removed his manifold and maintain water flow via connected emersed growth tank (was sump fuge). Pics of that tank are here.

8g tank -- 24"x6.5"x12" This is an old Pemco stainless steel tank.
2x13w CF AH Supply bright kit + 20w T12 NO
ADA Aquasoil Amazonia over Schultz
~10ppm NO3
3ppm PO4
>>20ppm K
.3ppm Fe from Plantex CSM+B+Extra Fe
DIY CO2 at >40ppm, "sump" return line as reactor

Fauna: Kuhlii loaches, a Hillstream loach, Blue tetras, Otos, a Cherry barb, shrimp, snails

Flora: B. australis, C. wendtii "green," C. willisii x lucens (I think), E. diversifolia, E. triandra, Glosso, HM, Hydrocotyle sp, I. japonica, L. brevipes, L. inclinata, L. "Cuba", L. repens "Rubin," M. umbrosum, P. stellata "narrow" and "broad leaf," R. sp from Goias (stays green for me), R. rotundifolia "green" and "colorata"



3/12 -- hair algae after bottoming out on N


4/3 Removed Stargrass, now trying TMG. Trying to buy time before the P.stellata and L.cuba have to be started over.

Would eventually like to limit species and improve the aquascape, but I'm too into too many species and am attempting to learn how to time the layout/growth rate. I really suck at hardscape so am still attempting something closer to a Dutch layout. Advice and thoughts are appreciated.

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