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Nano Aquariums Nanos aquariums may be small but they can make a striking canvas for your aquascapes.

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Default Aldrovanda nano tank

I stumbled into doing a nano tank when I needed to get a volume of aged still water to keep some Aldrovanda vesiculosa I collected recently. As I say it was kinda an accident but I'm now quite proud of the result and I thought I'd share it here. The tank receives direct sun for a couple of hours in the morning and so far only top ups with aged water for evaporation. What algae there was when I set up (threads of blanket weed) is in retreat. The substrate is blacksoil clay that I collected as it had Marsilea angustifolia growing on it. Seedlings of Alternanthera sp. and Centipedia minima have since sprouted from the soil. Floating I have the above mentioned A vesiculosa and a native Bladderwort (Utricularia sp.). Both look like flowering soon. At present the only fauna is what came with the plants or hatched from the soil. There is a small water beetle that seems quite happy. I plan to put either Threadfin Rainbows thus making a nice biotope, or sparkling gouramis in. Waddaya think?

This is the Marsilea angustifolia. In my large tank it grows the single lobe form as per M. quadrifolia however it still hasn't really decided what to do in this tank. I think it is trying to send up floating leaves but it is nowhere near at present. It has been keeping the lobes furled for a long time but when they open it is still the four lobed leaf.

A close up of the tank's pride & joy. I really like this plant and so far it has proved easy to grow. As it evolved to cope with low nutrients it is a great subject for this type of tank.

BTW I have a post on the Local Biotope forum showing the area I collected these plants here

Cheers Tony

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Lovely!! Like a miniature pond!! Sparkling gouramis or Boraras maculatus would look great in it.
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