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Originally Posted by John N.
What size is your tank? How much light in terms of Watts per Gallon (wpg)?

If it's a small nano 1-5 gallon, then Flourish Excel is good for co2 or you can use DIY Co2. DIY or pressurized co2 for 10-30 gallons. Pressurized only for 30+ gallons. DIY CO2 is made with yeast recipes. A hagen nutrafin ladder from is great at diffusing the co2.

Water Column Ferts: Seachem Line of flourish is good. But if you want to go cheap, go with Purchase 1lb of macro elements N,P, and K and trace elements of plantex csm+b.

If you need more specifics, mention your tank specs and things you needed clarified.

-John N.

My Java moss actually died on me. I thought it was an "easy" plant but I think my Siamese Algae Eaters ate it up - seen them nibbling at it many times... I have a gd supply of CO2 and regularly add my ferts too...
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Ah sorry to here about that Tank man. Ya everytime I have a recovering plant, I try to put it in a tank where they fish won't mess with it.

How are your other plants doing with the new supply of co2 and ferts?

-John N.
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Aquatic Plant Central > Welcome Forums! > New to Planted Aquariums > java moss is flaking... need help!

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