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Default Re: Crinum Thaianum dying

As far as Luigi and his Crinum..looked fine to me. The decline he was seeing is because 5 hours a day is not long enough for those high light level plants to thrive.
I think so many aquarists get the idea that there aquarium has to look like the ones in photos..the models of the planted tank world. Not a speck of algae. Perfection. Well,that's because they cleaned the tank and removed any imperfection before the photo shoot.
I was looking at a vid of Amano's Lisbon aquarium..and when got closeup of the Anubias nana? They had some spotted algae and the rare leaf that looked old. Nothing you would spot without a zoom lens.
Nothing is really perfect. I mean if Luigi had just added an Ancistrus cat..what algae I saw would be eaten.
My big 240 has algae..spotted,hair. But the 99% plant bioload is healthy. Anubias bloom underwater,Bolbitis is growing fronds twice the size of what it had when I got it 2 months ago. I will even claim to having the worlds thickest growth of Val!..lucky I keep that in a 6" pot.
I do have Crinum calamistratum in a pot also. It went through a lot before I got it. And its taken a month to get that dark green glossy color back. Looks super exotic. Like a giant squid.
So..5 hours of light bad..and algae is algae,get an algae eater.
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