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After selling my pairs of occelatus and brevis (heavy diggers :P), i decided to add some plants to my 70gal tank (48x18x1

tank is low tech, all i have on it for lighting is one 5500k 40w T5 and one 20W Flora glow. I use Flourish excel and Flourish as fertilisers. Substrate is a mix of silicate sand and laterite (dont really like the look, bad choice, i guess the white sand helps reflect the light so it does help my low light conditions)

Filtration is one eheim 2213 and a power head for some added current. 20% Water change weekly.

I had amazing growth until i was invaded by snails... so i added 3 little skunk loachs, they did wonders, stil waiting on the plants to recover

So... this is a work in progress, as i said earlier. At first, i had the intention of selling my ciprychromis leptosoma jumbo tricolors, but after seeing them color up after adding the plants... wow... :P

I do plan on getting more plants in the near futur and upgrading my lighting, but all this will have to wait until i return from europe in august.

Thanks for reading, comments are welcome.
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Looking pretty cool! I plan on doing a tanganikan plant tank one of these days. I would add a big pile of rocks and get some Lamp. compressiceps or Lamp. calvus in there but that is just me. If you want a better looking substrate Caribsea makes a Tang substrate. It is a white sand with a little black mixed in. Looks pretty cool. Keep up the good work!
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Thank you for the little word of encouragement...!

Changing the substrate isnt really an option for me right now ... i dont hate it, plus it is really practical since it reflects the light more and since i have 1WPG and a Aluminium paper reflector (i should take a picture, you would all be shocked! )... so im keeping it!

The fish are currently for sale, it seems i will have to dismantle this tank after all. When i come back from europe il build a canopy and add some more light under the hood, Co2 and make a Amazone biotope.

Im thinking of getting a medium stump in there with lots of roots on it in a corner, anyways... il make a real aquascape :P

For now, il try to play with what i have now, Im going to make a DIY CO2 this week... tight budget for now ..

Thank you!

feel free to make any suggestions as i know il start everything from scratch, i have always done africans and i want to do something different, so... im open to ANYTHING! i can pretty much order any kind i want so...

Personnaly, im thinking Wild Caught Green Tefee discus with a large stump and some roots sticking out with some hairgrass growing below it and tall plants in the back :P

Very dim planning for now.... feel free to suggest anything!

-Bruno Germain
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