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Thanks again for the replies!

I am going to take your advice and go with a pressurized CO2 system. From what I understand, I still can survive for a couple of days and so I am picking up the equipment I need this weekend. I have a couple more questions though and I posted them in the aquarium equipment section of the forum. If you could be kind enough, or have time, can you check this post out and give me some feedback? I think I am on the right track based upon your replies, but I have some 'option related' questions which I am not sure about right now. Here is the link to that post:

Thanks again!
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Ok, time for an update.....

Everything is going great so far! Short of a couple lost fish, for apparently no reason at first glance, the plants and other fish are really starting to take off and become established. I believe I may have an issue with my B. Rainbows (both male) and aggression. I see them 'fighting' once in a while and they both have what looks like a wound or fungus on their 'lips'. They are in quaranting as of tonight and am treating with small amounts of Melafix to help healing and for fungal issues, if that is the case. Right now I feel it is too early to tell if I need a more powerful med.

Anyways, I took all of your advice and got myself a pressurized CO2 system...which I talk about in this thread:

The system is working well and once I get better educated (hence the reason behind that other thread), I should be able to maintain that CO2 to my best advantage.

Finally, I have made a little video of my tank...although it is not my best camera work, which even if it was, would not be great at all. Keep in mind that I just trimmed some plants and rearranged a little bit so the water is not completely clear and has some plant material still floating around (which is out now...for the most part). You can actually hear some of my fish 'talking' if you listen closely!
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