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Default Pond to Aquarium Conversion

This is my first post and my first foray into the aquarium scene.

I am moving to a new apartment soon, and unlike my old place, this one doesn't have a concrete flower bed built into the veranda. When I first moved in, I converted the flower bed into a long indoor pond for goldfish.

It is very El Natural in that there is no filter save for a natural bog filter in the upper pond, and aeration from two mini waterfalls. The potted and floating plants in the pond seemed to do most of the filtration for me.
Over the course of two years, none of my five tancho-comets or one veil tail have died. The pond was always understocked.

My problem is moving my current setup into an aquarium. I'll have time to cycle the aquarium at the new apartment before I move the goldfish, so I am not too worried about that.

I've read about how goldfish treat aquarium plants as a salad bar, but I know which plants (As I live in South Korea, I buy domestic South Korean aquatic plants from an online aquarium store in Seoul) my goldfish leave alone. I'm stubborn at heart, so I'm going to give a planted goldfish aquarium a try.

My main question is about the substrate.

The aquatic planting soil that I have used in the pots in the pond is great. It is clay based, but clouds up the water if disturbed. To keep the goldfish from digging at the roots, I placed gravel and stones in the pots with success.

Is it wise to use the same soil as the first layer of substrate in an aquarium?

Also, what should I use as my top layer? The only aquatic plant aquarium substrates that I can get here are ADA products and some other Japanese brands. The rest is just aquarium gravel and sand.

Would a layer of planting soil and then a layer of gravel be sufficient?

Or should I dish out the cash and get an ADA substrate as the top layer?

I have an 80 gallon tank with 4 40 Watt lights and will use CO2.

Any advice on how to turn a pond into a tank would be appreciated.
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Default Re: Pond to Aquarium Conversion

As you are used to NPT style keeping, I;d go with that - plain, cheap soil under a layer of fine/med. gravel. Plant your stuff, let things settle, add your GF. I would invest in a canister filter, even if it's just filled w/ pads or floss, to provide some mechanical filtration & circulation, especially in the beginning...

If your tank is much smaller than the pond, watch your NH3 & NO2 levels carefully - you may need to do some water changes to keep them down, initially.
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