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Default Re: Need help setting up a 75g

From your diagram, you wouldn't need a special in-line heater. The heater would just be used in the 10 gal filter. however for a 50-75- gal, the heaters used would be about 12-16 inches in length as most 150 watt designs are a bit longer in structure so you would need to plan how it sits in the filter tank. As far as the co2 is concerned, i have found that the DIY reactor design method described by John LeVasseur, . I currently use a 5 lb. tank of c02 using John LeVasseur's reactor design. It works great! I haven't come across a DIY system yet that compares to the efficiency of John's reactor setup. But as I write this I am not sure how it could be fit into a 10 gal tank. As for the over flow system, take a look at some pre-plumbed built in systems that we find on many saltwater tank setups. these designs use an adjustable portion of the overflow inlet that allows you to adjust the water column height, so that you wouldn't have water pumped all over your floor. The over flow of water stops when the water is not being pumped to the main tank. From what I understand if the sump motor fails, then the water would not "over flow" your 10 gal. filter. See what you can come up with...Anybody else out there with some ideas?
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Default Re: Need help setting up a 75g

I think I have decided against a sump, but my plans are evolving ever day. This is what I am thinking now. I will use my current Classic 2213 along with a 2217. On one filter I will have an inline heater, and on the other I will have my CO2 reactor. Which one would be better on which filter. Now the only thing I need to decide on is a tank. I would love an ADA but they cost a lot. Any other rimless tank options out there, apart from glasscages (heard to many problems with them). An for lighting I believe I am going to go with TEK lights. Would a 4 bulb set up be ok or should I go for the 6 Thanks for your help.
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Default Re: Need help setting up a 75g

I am in the same boat as you and I decided on 2 classic 2217. From what I heard, the 2215 and 2213 may be too weak for that tank. However, this is simply what I have heard and not from experience. I am also going to run a CO2 reactor through one of the filters and probably a heater as well.

As far as lights, I went and bought the 4 lamp Tek system. I have had it very long to say if its great or not but I do know one thing is that its very bright, even with just 2 bulbs running. I went ahead and decided to get 2 giesmann midday bulbs and 2 aqua-medic planta bulbs. Once the planta bulbs come in, I'll turn on all 4 bulbs and post of picture of how it looks. I'm sure a 6 lamp would be better, but I cant' justify spending that much money for a light system when I could purchase other things needed. Hope this helps...
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