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Default Questions about driftwood

I'm considering collecting some driftwood from a large lake nearby my house. I've read much information in the posts about how to prepare driftwood such as boiling, bleaching, baking in the oven, etc. I am planning on boiling mine as I will be using small pieces. I'm also going to make sure that what I have is hardwood and not softwood. The question that I have is the other day I went to the lake to pick up a few pieces and much of what I found seemed a solid as in it was not easy to break but at the same time seems soft. I am sure that the pieces that I found were hardwood and not softwood. So the question is should drift would have this soft feeling or should I look for pieces and have a firmer feel to them?

Also, any tips from anyone about driftwood is welcome.
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Default Re: Questions about driftwood

I would use the ones that don't feel soft. It's possible that there is a rotten section to your piece in which case you can remove that by cutting it or scraping the soft portion out. Personally, I won't pay for a piece of driftwood from an lfs - they're usually outrageously priced. I always found it more fun (and cheaper) to go out looking for myself and seeing what I could find. Good luck.
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