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Default Re: Massive Help Needed Please

Thanks Sterling919. I have the same responses to a lot of the tanks on this forum. I am hooked on the plants, whether inside the tank or out in my yard!!! I see people make all these elaborate drawings, not to mention all the DIY automatic w/c and fertilizing machines! I sit here with my stack of plants and begin placing them in my tank. I move one here or there. I look at it a few days and move things around again. I don't know about all those ratios and styles. I just know when it looks good to me, after all it's my hobby for me to enjoy!

The EI dosing is the easiest for me. All this chemistry stuff doesn't come naturally for me. So glad you got your ferts. Now be ready with those sizzors for some serious trims once your plants take off. Remember trims make them branch out and thicken up AND you can plant the tops! Great bonus!

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Default Re: Massive Help Needed Please


I was only trying to demonstrate that watts aren't the best way of determining how 'bright' or 'how much light reaches the plants.' Examples are T5HO without reflectors and T5HO with good reflectors are usually very different even though the 'watts' are the same.
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