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Default Re: What deficiency?

Originally Posted by Seattle_Aquarist View Post
Hi sjoon84,

How much GH Booster did you add to what volume of water? Have you tested your water recently? If so could you share your results please. Otherwise we are just kind of shooting in the dark.

It still looks like a Ca deficiency with the hooking leaf tips and clear (gelatinous) leaf areas. I belive that ADA Aquasoil has a relatively high CEC so if it is a newer tank it may have absorbed much of the Ca and Mg in the GH Booster. Don't expect old leaves to change, just watch new leaf development.

Thanks for your responses.

To be honest I added a GH booster from UP, which is mainly for shrimps but I thought it should do the job.

Last time I checked GH (3 days ago), it was at 6 drops so I assumed there was enough ca and mg. Maybe the GH booster Im using is higher in mg than ca? Not sure...but i am also doing csb traces.

I have ordered aquarium GH booster powder so guess I have to wait to see.

Is ca tester worth buying?

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Default Re: What deficiency?

Hi sjoon84,

If the product is for freshwater shrimp it is likely the calcium in the bottle is calcium carbonate which plants cannot easily utilize.

Typical GH Booster for plants contains calcium sulfate (CaSO4), magnesium sulfate (MgSO4), and potassium sulfate (K2SO4).

I don't believe a calcium test kit is a necessary expense.
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