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Default What deficiency is this?

I've had the tank up and running for about a month and a half now and last week I noticed the leafs curling and turning a lighter green on my Ranunculus inundatus:

I've also noticed the tiny Nymphoides hydrophylla 'Taiwan' I have is struggling. As soon as it gets two leafs one of them starts to go see through and melts away:

I'm following Tom Barr's non CO2 dosing recommendations which is 1/4 tsp of Seachem Equilibrium, 1/8 tsp of KNO3, and 1/32 tsp of KH2PO4 per 20G each week.

Here's some more bullet point details about the tank:

- 112G tank with a 20G sump
- Substrate is Dark Brown Seachem Fluorite with 5 lbs of leonardite underneath the Flourite
- lighting is provided by two Ecoxotic E-90 lights at 80% brightness for 10hrs mounted 24" from the substrate
- currently I'm changing about 30-40% of the water weekly
- ammonia and nitrites are at zero, nitrates are around 20ppm, TDS is around 250ppm
- tank is lightly stocked right now with around 30 nano fish (ottos, forktail rainbows, etc)
- tank is going to be a heavily planted jungle tank but I'm still waiting for the plants to fill everything in so currently I'd call the tank medium full of plants

Any help in identifying what might be happening is much appreciated.

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