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Default Anubias Tricks


I was lucky enough to attend the AGA convention in Washington DC this year, and on one of the field trips I found myself in the back of the bus with some AGA regulars...

Anyway, I overheard, and then participated in, a discussion about some clever approaches to growing Anubias without spot algae problems. They discussed some ideas that came from Luis Navarro's bag of tricks.

Unfortunately, I didn't have anything to write with, and now I find that I've forgotten much of the wisdom that was shared.

I'm hoping some folks from this forum were there. I met a nice fellow named Phil, who may or may not be the moderator to this forum. If so, "Hi Phil!"

Anyway, other than "lots of water movement" I don't remember the other tricks. Would anyone here have the additional wisdom to share?

Forever grateful,
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Phosphate levels of 1.5-2ppm should solve your problems Anubias and Mosses seem to love P, IME. They produce many more leaves and seems more inclined to flower with higher P levels. Saddly I have never seen this inflorescence, will Anubais nana Petite flower submersed? (Sorry to post a question in your thread Kevmo) HTH
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Yup, I was there. I'm glad you made it over this way, welcome! As far as tricks for growing Anubias without spot algae, you've got me. Current is the best I can come up with, but I doubt that's what you're looking for.

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In high light, the only trick I know is high phosphates.
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Metal Halide
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