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Gomer 04-23-2004 07:23 PM

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Another comparison...still not a fair one ;)

The top picture is a 7watt Azoo Palm light 7100K
The bottom is 7x 1watt luxeon stars that are ONLY driven at 115ma, NOT their rated value (and value that I will drive at when I get the drivers) of 350 ma.

hope this is starting to shed light on the issue ;)

Gomer 04-28-2004 05:57 PM

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WOOHOO!!! Drivers and last 10 LEDs came in today :)

time for an update picture

Some food for thought. Fluorescent lights are not on 100% of the time. They flicker at a high rate. this means that if you had an LED and a flourescent light putting out the same visible amount of light, the LED is really putting out more! How much more is dependent on how long the Fluorescent light is OFF for between pulses. Plants see # of photons at a given wave length, NOT the apparent intensity.

Top picture is the 7100k Azoo palm light.
Bottom picture is 7x 1watt Luxeon stars driven at 350ma.
All camera conditions are the same for both pictures

skids 05-03-2004 10:34 AM

I m a sucker for new fancy high tech stuff so the dawn / dusk capabilites of your setup do appeal to me.

Could one of you post just bullet style what LED's strengths are supposed to be over Power compacts?

Lower PG&E bills? Less heat?

Gomer 05-03-2004 11:12 AM

The follwoing is for LUXEONS..not normal LEDs

+high can get very high light density
+last ~50,000 hours (10-15 years+)
+more effectively remove heat
+can use as "spot lights" with a lense
+can do dimming/dusk/dawn
+all sorts of colors if you want to add a little more of a given color
+appears to have a good photosythetic responce overlap
-needs a heatsink
-must DIY some part of it

maybe more +/- ...?

Not sure about wall plug efficiency, but 7watts of luxeons light the tank more than a 7watt PC. Not sure about plant growth, but I am working on that.

IUnknown 05-04-2004 07:45 AM

I have a question for the people using these LUXEONS. I am planning on getting the Nova II for my tank. The thing I am worried about is that the MH bulb will look to yellow. Would the 5 watt blue LUXEONS be bright enough to balance the color out if installed in the fixture?

Gomer 05-04-2004 08:29 AM

I am not familiar with the Nova. not sure if the luxeon would work unless you got something like 20-30 optics.

how about adding a small PC instead?
a 10-12,000K should help there perhaps?

IUnknown 05-04-2004 09:23 AM

Hey gomer,
Yeah the fixture is only 6" long, so I don't think there is room for PC's. Maybe if I add the luxeon's pointing at the bulb in the reflector. I'll have to try things out.

Gomer 05-04-2004 09:08 PM

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7watt vs 7watt begins. Here is the start...Day 0

Plants in there:

Dwarf Hair Grass
Rotala Indica
narrow leaf pearl weed (?)
Pear weed (HM)

BigRed27 05-04-2004 11:43 PM

Interesting, looking forward to future posts :D

Gomer 05-07-2004 07:42 PM

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A new update

For comparison pics, all camera settings were the same. The lights are really brighter than represented, but that doesn't matter for this post.

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