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MatPat 10-22-2005 04:39 PM

Aquatic Calculators
Since Jim was asking about substrate need, I figured I would post some of the calculators I have run across. It may save some of you a little bit of time...

Substrate Calculator

Cool General Tank Calculator

Commercial Fertilizer Calculator

KH Calculator

Chuck's Planted Aquaria Calculator

Chuck's Planted Aquaria Calculator - downloadable version

I don't know how accurate some of these are since I am not a chemist. I mainly use Chuck's Calculator and the KH Calculator. Let me know if you know of any others and I will add them to the list!

Laith 10-23-2005 12:59 AM

Sorry for butting into a club forum but there's another great fert calculator right here on APC: the Fertilator.;)

Also this is one of the best conversion calculators I have yet to see; converts everything:

MatPat 10-23-2005 03:21 AM

You're not butting in at all Laith, it's a public forum ;)

I did not mention the fertilator since it is on this site but I guess I should have. Thanks for the Conversion Calculator also.

stocker 11-07-2005 04:02 PM

I recall there was a calculator that had Seachem Equilibrium, anyone has the link?

MatPat 11-07-2005 05:06 PM


Originally Posted by stocker
I recall there was a calculator that had Seachem Equilibrium, anyone has the link?

The third link in the first post ;)

stocker 11-07-2005 05:32 PM

Sorry, what I meant was there was a calculator that had Equilibrium in addition to dry ferts like KNO3, etc in one single application. I had it in my PC until my hard disk crashed and I could not recall where I downloaded it from...

thanks for any help in advance... :)

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