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Yo-han 12-06-2016 01:03 AM

1000+ iaplc 2017?
My 1000L tank is running for over 1,5 year now, and everything is working the way I would like to. This combined with the fact that I finally got some time to maintain the tank, did made me think of rescaping the tank for IAPLC (or another contest). I will try to update this journal as often as possible and with DSRL photo's as much as possible, to give you a good impression of my tank. You can find a thread about the build and first scape here:

Here some specs about the tank:

Tank: 195x80x80cm (water level roughly 70 cm), optiwhite glass and black glass overflow and backwall, build in the wall.
Filtration: Bean animal black glass overflow, with a 450L sump in the room behind. 2 filtersocks, followed by filter mats and 100L Bio Rio powered by 2x Ecotech Vectra M1 (8000L/u, not running full power) do the job.
Heating: 4x 300W glass heater (if 1 gets stuck on, it won't boil the tank, if one is broken, the other 3 can still heat the tank warm enough.
Lighting: 4x custumized DSunY LED + 2x20W flood lights on the side. Running for 8 hours bright and 4 hours dim.
Co2: Pressurised via 2 home made Cerges Style reactors and a 7,5/15kg bottle pH controlled and a second magnet valve to shut it off at night.
Aeration: 10 hours a night.
Fertilzer: Home made mixes automatically dosed 3 times a day by a dosing pump to keep the water parameters steady.
Hardscape: 8 large pieces of river wood and about 100 kg of Grey mountain rock.
Substrate: ADA Amazonia and and Tropica Aquasoil mixed and decorative sand.

Fauna: All current fish: pencil fish, dwarf harlequin rasbora, simulans tetra, dwarf congo tetra's and all the Otocinclus, Hisonotus and L-numbers and different species of shrimp.

Flora: This tank will use only plants from the Dutch nursery Aquaflora:
On the wood:
Taxiphyllum species
Microsorum pteropus 'petite'

On the stones and just behind:
All sort of Anubias and Bucephalandra mixed
Cryptocoryne becketti 'petchii'

Middle and background:

Cryptocoryne retrospiralis
Cryptocoryne spiralis var. caudigera
Cardamina lyrata
Pogostemon quadrifolius (octopus)
Proserpinaca palustris 'cuba'
And 1 or 2 Aponogeton

Michael 12-06-2016 06:11 AM

Re: 1000+ iaplc 2017?
I can't wait! The wall build-in from the earlier thread is great.

Yo-han 12-07-2016 08:55 AM

Re: 1000+ iaplc 2017?
I can't wait either, will be working on the moss on the wood friday and saturday. Emptying the tank on sunday and hopefully do some hardscaping. More hardscaping and planting on monday. And hope to finish it before tuesday.

Yo-han 12-08-2016 01:05 PM

Re: 1000+ iaplc 2017?
The preparations started... I brushed the wood and started wrapping Taxiphyllum sp. from Aquaflora around the branches with moss cotton. Here some teaser photo's:

Cling foil to keep the moss wet till monday:

Yo-han 12-11-2016 12:10 AM

Re: 1000+ iaplc 2017?
And we're off!!

Tropica soil this time and plants are powered by AquaFlora.

Yo-han 12-11-2016 12:37 PM

Re: 1000+ iaplc 2017?
500m ADA Moss Cotton later (they should sell sixpacks or something) I finished the last piece of wood.

Neglected tank before emptying:

Plants and spiderwood out:

Filling up again and emptying to rinse the soil:

Rescaped the soil:

The stones:

See whether the wood fits in:

My wife checking the new scape:

Result after 12 hours of almost non-stop working on the tank:

Tomorrow some final adjustments and planting and filling up the tank.

Michael 12-11-2016 03:09 PM

Re: 1000+ iaplc 2017?
Cool, I love big stumps like those!

Yo-han 12-12-2016 02:51 AM

Re: 1000+ iaplc 2017?
Me too! (off course) and must say that I've never been so happy with an aquascape as I'm with this one, and I haven't even started planting! Will update photos later.

Yo-han 12-12-2016 11:38 AM

Re: 1000+ iaplc 2017?
Unwrapping the wood after some final adjustments:

Adding new soil and sand:

Although I'm no small guy with 1.87m, you can clearly see this is no small tank:

Add some water to make planting easier:

Plants for between the stones and just behind them:

Behind that some cryptos:

Background (plus Pogostemon qaudrifolius from my previous scape):

On the wood a few ferns beside all the Taxiphyllum (800 gram!!!):

Feedback is always welcome during scaping:

Happely I new the wood would float so I kept close to the tank when filling it:

Full of water:

Right now all fish are swimming again and the filter is running. Water is almost clear but the lights are already dim so I'll post more photos in the next few days when the water is crystal clear again!

Michael 12-12-2016 02:17 PM

Re: 1000+ iaplc 2017?
Moss heaven!

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