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Ben Belton 05-24-2004 08:50 AM

I have a couple suggestions of chemicals to add in the future.

I use Fe-DTPA to add iron to my tank. Could you add that one?

Also, might would help to add some of the comercial things

Example: How much K, Mg, and Ca do you get from adding a tablespoon of Seachem Eqilibrium to your tank, Fe from Flourish Fe, etc

On the DFW page we considered a calculator that would calculate CO2 by plugging in you pH and KH. Or another calculator that would determine your KH from an amount of Seachem Alk Buffer or Baking Soda added. However, the Javascripting was beyond our abilities. :D

Just some suggestions for down the road. I like what you have done.

Steve Pituch 05-24-2004 11:20 AM


How much Iron is in your Fe DTPA? I have some from Paul Krombholz that is 10% (powder - dry). It may be putting a scum on my water surface.

Seachem Equilibrium is also a good idea. Give us some time. Is there any way that you can weigh a level teaspoon of Equilibrium for us and tell us the weight in grams?

Steve Pituch

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