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nap83 03-02-2006 01:00 PM

Flourescent Energy Saving Bulbs
since i only run 1.3 watts per gallon in lighting on my low-light 55g tank (my plants are; cryptocoryne spiralis, anubias barterii, java ferns, java moss, amazon swords, and vallisneria gigantea), i decided to put up 2 clamp-on lamps on top of the tank. i decided to use ge's spiral mini flourescent lamps that has an output of 60 watts, lumens of 900 and has 10,000 life hours. i was using incandescent reveals but it only had 630 lumens and used exactly 60 watts, the spiral ones was recommended by a guy from the lfs since it only uses 15 watts of the 60 watt output. does anyone know how much watts i get by clamping on the lights on top of the tank? the vallisneria seems to like it, i just want some extra views from people. how much extra wattage am i getting? or is it pointless for me to do this?

John N. 03-02-2006 01:24 PM

If the output is 60 I imagine it is using about 23watts of light to power it or whatever it says on the box. You are getting 23 watts per bulb.

If you don't know this already, walmart has lights of america brand CF bulbs in the perfect kelvin range 6500k using about 23 watts per bulb. $9 for 2. Works great with those clip ons lamps or replacing incandescent bulbs.

The extra light does help.

-John N.

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