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Tsin21 08-06-2018 02:57 AM

Aquavitro Synthesis, ammonia & black thread algae
Hi! I have some questions about Aquavitro Synthesis. As background info, my tank is 30 gallons, moderately planted (the community tank in my signature) and fully cycled. I have been dosing it at 1ml thrice a week along with activate, propel & potassium, flourish is dosed twice a week and excel daily. Tank is CO2 injected and with good flow from the HOB and small powerhead in the tank. Partial water changes are done every week.

I have been using the Aquavitro Synthesis for about a year and plant growth was great. But lately I have noticed that it is smelling exactly like ammonia which I don't remember from before. Though the fishes are acting fine during dosing. I think the expiration date is on Dec 2018, would this still be safe to use? Is it normal for it to smell like that?

I've read that some of its nitrogen are "ammoniacal" in form and it seems that black thread algae loves it since they have taken over my whole tank. Like completely rebounding in a few days after removal. Does the ammoniacal form encourages algae?

As for this past week, I temporarily stopped dosing Synthesis, manually removed the thread algae, spot treated with H2O2 and upped the dosage of excel. The thread algae haven't returned (crossed fingers). My nitrates are fluctuating from 10-20mg/l and phosphates are at 1-2mg/l.

Tsin21 08-08-2018 10:34 AM

I emailed my query to seachem support and here's their reply:


Thank you for your email. Yes, if the product is still within the date of expiration, it should still be safe to use! The smell can become a bit stronger over time, but the way the product functions should not be altered.

Different plants prefer nitrogen in different forms which is why we provide three different forms of nitrate in synthesis. The three different forms help ensure that most plants will have nitrogen available in their preferred form. Typically an imbalance of nutrients will be the culprit of heightened algae growth. If your nitrates are consistently between between 10 and 20 mg/L then dosing synthesis may not be necessary, and holding off on synthesis may help maintain the preferred 10:1 nitrate to phosphate ratio preferred by plants!

I hope this helps!

Thank you,

Seachem Support 10286

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