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Dave B 06-01-2004 07:16 PM

Many nice cuttings (SOLD)
I gave my tank a hair cut today and I have the following cuttings sitting in containers. I am asking $15 which includes shipping. Because these plants are already cut I would like to send them out on tomorrow (6/2) via Priority mail, so first offer gets them. PM me.

-A. Gracilis (nice. bright red. my favorite plant. about 5 or 6 stems. Front Right)
-Riccia (size of two softballs)
-Micranthemum umbrosum (Back left)
-Sunset hygro (3 or 4 long stems. Front left)
-Bacopa Caroliniana (3 or 4 stems. Center)
-Hygrophila Corymbosa long narrow leaves (one BIG one and 3 smaller stems. Center right)

Also for your information, my tank has an active ecosystem that has contained algae, snails and some hydra so I suggest that you rinse the plants before adding them to your tank. I have not seen the algae or hydra for a few months now.


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