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RIP 10-19-2018 11:23 AM

Best nano heater
Hi all! I'm in Florida but temps will soon start dropping so that I'll need a heater. I'd like one that shuts off after the water hits the correct temp if possible. Money isn't really that much of a factor since the heater will be small (probably 50w should be fine). Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm going on vacation for a week and won't be able to monitor the temps (my mother in law will be feeding my betta). Thank you for looking!

ObiQuiet 10-20-2018 07:16 AM

Re: Best nano heater
Take a look at the Cobalt NeoTherm, though if the tank size is very small one of the heating pads without the complexity of a thermostat may be enough to raise the temp from ambient to betta-comfortable.

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