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arjosh 04-09-2019 10:36 AM

Aquatic Weeds!!!
Blyxa Japonica~20 stems~30$ shipped.

Erio Vietnam~10 plants~ $39 shipped.(Last Package)

Erio breviscapum~$10 each Have 5 plants~$50 shipped. Forms dense tufts~Fine leaves, grasslike, best to plant in a group.

Eriocaulon Amami Oshima~about golf ball size~ New plant not very common~35$ shipped.

Tonina Lotus Flower+ Tonina fluviatilis tocantins ~Have around 20 Stems mixed~ Take all for 110$ Shipped.

Crypt nurii var. 'Raubensis'~10$... 6 for 50$ shipped.

Fissidens Thailand~ about golf size portion~35$ shipped .Have few packages.

Rotala indica~10 stems with Root~$30 Shipped. These are smaller they are grown under very high light. Over medium light this plant will grow taller.

Ludwigia Senegalensis ~10-12 Stems with root~$30 Shipped.

Rotala macrandra variegated~Have lower portion only. Maybe 20 or so stems for 50$ shipped. This will grow tons of young plants with in a week or so.

Guaranteed live arrival, as long as there is no USPS shipping delays. Shipping~$9, Otherwise Noted.

arjosh 04-11-2019 06:00 AM

Re: Aquatic Weeds!!!
Tonina+Ludwigia Senegalensis all sold out. Have around 10 stems of Pantanal and Rotala Rotundifolia, will toss in any package over 50$.

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