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Luigi 08-14-2019 06:09 PM

About to setup a Juwel Rio 240
Hi everyone!

I'm currently having a Rio 180 with M'Buna cichlids and I am now planning to replace it with a new Rio 240. In my current situation, I'm having 2 T5 daylight bulbs at 2800 lumen each for 5hrs a day.
I'm doing frequent water changes and my 2 Crinum are covered in BBA. I have 2 L144 and I used to dose Easylife Profito together with Potassium and Iron but I didn't notice any difference for the plants and the algae was still going strong.

I want to be sure that in the new system I will make everything to ensure that this doesn't happen.
I've read recently the following article: Which has raised another concern. The plants I will be keeping are from Tropica from the Easy Category and would require somewhere between 10-20 lumen per liter of water. However, if I go for the Daylight and Nature LED tubes that come with the aquarium, I would have 29W 9000K 3335 lumen for the Daylight and 29W 6500K 3335 lumen for the Nature = 37lm/litre (assuming that I would have 180litre of water in the aquarium).

I would consider planting the aquarium with several anubias attached to rocks and maybe some kind of elongated Cryptocoryne to reach the surface. I would also be dosing some kind of complete fertilizer and liquid CO2. I would like to have your advise on what brand to use? My LFS sells Easy-Life products but I've heard that Seachem was better?

Let me know what would be the best practise to get this aquarium going without too many algae issues.. I'm just concerned that the light is too much for the kind of plants I'm considering.. Plan B would be to inverst in the Helialux + Controller. But it feels weird to invest in lights when you don't go full heavy planted aquarium and just to go less intense light.. Just my thought from a fishkeeper :D

Looking forward to reading from you!


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