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rdvanput 01-20-2020 05:27 AM

Oase Filtosmart 100
Hi all, does anyone have an Oase Filtosmart canister filter? I am currently having a issue with my heater thatís installed in the filter. I have to set it 10 degrees higher to actually achieve the tank water temperature I desire. Troubleshooting this problem in the Oase literature told me to make sure there was adequate circulation around the heater. So I cleaned the filter media to no avail. Just wondering if any of you have experienced this same problem with your Oase filter heater and what you did to solve it. Thanks in advance for the help!

gerrt2 08-25-2020 11:51 AM

Re: Oase Filtosmart 100
Maybe you could try to reach the support, because there are so much different filters, I have another one and it doesn't make any problems. I have ordered it from Spain to my property in Torrevieja here, when I lived there

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