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Duckweed Hunter 04-27-2020 05:46 PM

Second pair of eyes needed.
Hello everyone. Its been a long time sins I've been here. I left planted tanks to breed cichlids and it has been a few years without fish at all. I recently picked up a 40 breeder and want to do a planted tank with shrimp and nano fish. I ordered some dragon stone and some wood offline. I have worked with this type of stone. I guess the problem is I'm not 100% happy with it (especially the right side) and would like some opinions and tips. Thanks in advance

Sorry been a while. I can't remember how to post pics.

mistergreen 04-27-2020 06:52 PM

Re: Second pair of eyes needed.
The wood seems out of place mainly because it’s so small and uninteresting. I’d take it out. The rocks are beautiful enough on their own.

hoppycalif 04-28-2020 11:41 AM

Re: Second pair of eyes needed.
I would try the wood on the right side, behind the rock. The high gravel there will raise the wood, making it more dominant. But, it might look entirely different from what you want.

Bert H 04-28-2020 01:11 PM

Re: Second pair of eyes needed.
Here's my two cents worth...
A 40 breeder has pretty good depth to it. If it were me, I would move the smaller rock a little more to the middle and towards the front. Then I would put the wood behind it and to the right of it, so it would look like a tree, or branch thereof, rising above the stone. I would attach some plans to the branches like petite nana or a Java ferns.

ukamikazu 04-28-2020 02:09 PM

Re: Second pair of eyes needed.
I would suggest maybe having the floor of your valley running just a little off center, from the back left corner to the right front corner.

Lay the driftwood dead center of this valley floor with the more branching end facing the front but still following the diagonal.

Build up the back right portion of substrate to an extreme slope.

Then the left side only slightly sloping from the back, eventually grading level from the center of the tank and into a plain as you get closer to the front.

Keep the really big rock about where it is, maybe consider laying it more flat but still show off that beautiful texture.

Finally, arrange the smaller stones in a cairn or sacred grove on the right bank, think like a sacred circle. Alternatively, from back to front, following the valley floor, arrange them from tallest to shortest.

That's what I would do.

Duckweed Hunter 04-28-2020 02:38 PM

Re: Second pair of eyes needed.
Thanks for the input everyone. I can see what you meat about the wood being too small. I have some ghost wood that is a bit longer. However I don't know if its tank safe. Its mostly used in vivariums because it takes forever to rot and it resists mold. Also guessing it will take forever to sink all on its own.

Duckweed Hunter 05-04-2020 11:19 AM

Re: Second pair of eyes needed.
Ok, guys round two. I've been playing with this scape for about a week now and I think I'm close the getting it right where I want it. Ant thought or tips. I still have a little tweaking to get some rock to sit where I want them. I'm also going to be adding some plant substrate to the tank so that will help.

ukamikazu 05-04-2020 01:10 PM

Re: Second pair of eyes needed.
I say anything more at this point would be gilding the lily. That's a very nice presentation.

mistergreen 05-04-2020 02:06 PM

Re: Second pair of eyes needed.
That center wood sticking up bothers me. It's like a cowlick, a bit distracting. Besides that, it looks good.

Duckweed Hunter 05-04-2020 03:58 PM

Re: Second pair of eyes needed.
Thank you. Now I just have to order my plant substrate and I'm off and running.

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