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zahtar 07-09-2020 02:57 PM

Treating shrimp disease with aquarium salt
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Hello everyone!

I noticed yesterday a weird thing on the head of a shrimp I have in a Walstad bowl, which seems to be Scutariella Japonica (according to the pictures on this article The author suggests a few treatment methods, of which I can apply the first one, that is with the aquarium salt.

My question is how dangerous could such a solution be for a shrimp, (1 tablespoon in 1 aquarium water cup) as I am afraid of osmotic shock. Let me know if you have relevant experience. I am posting some pictures of:

a) The infected shrimp
b) Some things like eggs?
c) Something on a hornwort stem which looks like vorticella

B and C are not visible in the bowl, at least not any more. Last night the infected shrimp was munching on one of those things that look like eggs. Couldn’t find any today…

Thanks in advance!

mistergreen 07-09-2020 03:18 PM

Re: Treating shrimp disease with aquarium salt
I would treat the whole tank with the recommended dewormer. They're likely in the entire tank and will reinfect the shrimp. I know for sure levamisole is invert safe. It's a farm animal nematode dewormer. You aim for 2ppm in the tank.

zahtar 07-16-2020 06:07 AM

Re: Treating shrimp disease with aquarium salt
Hello, thank you for your reply and sorry for getting back so late. I couldn’t find the above meds in the local market, so I tried the aquarium salt method, but unfortunately I went too far...

As suggested in the link above, I dissolved 1tablespoon in 1 cup of water (approx 250ml) and dipped the female and the healthy(?) male for 40-45 seconds. The infected male stayed there for 60s. Afterwards I put them in a container with treated tap water for a few minutes, while I did a full water change at the bowl. All back into the bowl, seemed ok in the beginning. I inspected with a magnifying glass, all heads seemed clear of the parasite. No molts so far, but I’ll remove them if I spot any.

After a few minutes the female and one of the males acted casually, but the other male didn’t. I noticed him with stiff legs and fanning swimmerets not being able to hold height in the water column, then stayed on the substrate like paralyzed on his side. That made me think that I caused him osmotic shock. At some point he seemed to get back to life, but later on I saw him on his side again. I rotated the bowl to take a closer look, but the female arrived and started feeding off him. At that point I realized that he wouldn’t be racing with his buddy round the bowl any more, so I removed him… :(

So was it osmotic shock that caused his death? Was it the duration of the dip too long, or is it possible that he was weak already due to the infection and wasn’t able to make it?

Thanks in advance

mistergreen 07-16-2020 07:38 AM

Re: Treating shrimp disease with aquarium salt
probably osmotic shock. Shrimps are sensitive to that and temperature shock.

zahtar 07-16-2020 09:15 AM

Re: Treating shrimp disease with aquarium salt
The water had exactly the same temperature, so I guess it was osmotic shock... Let's hope I won't have to repeat this, but if I do, I will definitely keep them for a shorter time in the dip. Thanks!

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dwalstad 07-19-2020 07:22 AM

Re: Treating shrimp disease with aquarium salt
In looking at your link for scutariella-japonica and this parasite's life cycle, I don't think that salt treatment will be very effective. Parasite eggs are shielded by the shrimp's exoskeleton, and won't get the full brunt of osmotic shock. And treating only the shrimp won't kill all the young parasites that have just hatched and are in the tank.

If the problem continues, I would look for a dewormer under farm supplies. Many farmers use levamisole as a dewormer for their livestock. Here, several hobbyists buy levamisole sold as a "goat dewormer."

Praziquantel is another dewormer, not quite as potent as levamisole, but better than salt. I had no trouble buying "Prazi-Pro" sold to aquarium hobbyists. Easy to use and did the job (killed guppy flukes).

mistergreen 07-19-2020 09:02 AM

Re: Treating shrimp disease with aquarium salt
If you can't buy Praziquantel in liquid form, you might find it in powder form. It is not water soluble but will dissolve in alcohol like vodka. Dilute that in water.

zahtar 07-20-2020 03:35 PM

Re: Treating shrimp disease with aquarium salt
Thanks for the heads up!

If it reoccurs, I can get a tablet of Drontal cat, which is a cat dewormer that contains Praziquantel. Namely: 230 mg Pyrantel embonate and 20 mg Praziquantel

The “instructions paper” also mentions a term that I do not know to translate. According to Google, it could be “excipients” which I think makes sense, so here goes:

Excipients: Cellulosemicrocrystalline, Polyvinylpyrrolidone25, Magnesiumstearate, Silicondioxidecolloidal, Starchmaize
Coating composition: Hypromellose, Polyethyleneglycol4000, Titaniumdioxide

This tab is meant to be used at a ratio of 1 per 4kg of cat body mass (but that might not be important for our case). So my questions would be:

a) Are the above active substances and other ingredients same for shrimp and aquarium in general?
b) This is a tablet (more like a pill) so as mistergreen says, I’d have to crush and dissolve in alcohol. Is alcohol safe for aquarium? Around what concentrations? Will it eventually dissolve in DOC, or perhaps pose a threat to invertebrates? I am thinking of dissolving in ethanol 95% v/v and diluting that mixture until I get the right concentration.

Do the above sound good? Thanks in advance!

mistergreen 07-20-2020 05:01 PM

Re: Treating shrimp disease with aquarium salt
Yeah, alcohol in small quantity is fine in the aquarium. It's processed by bacteria and plants.
As for concentration of Pyrantel, I have no idea. The coating on the pill sounds like it's starch and cellulose, Titaniumdioxide might be toxic to shrimps though.

You might be able to find powdered Prazi on Amazon or something like that in your country. It's pretty common for pond keepers.

mysiak 07-21-2020 03:11 AM

Re: Treating shrimp disease with aquarium salt
Or just get Esha Gdex, it's already dissolved, from reputable company, tested by many aquarists and available in Greece as well (per Google, 1 ml contains: 66 mg of praziquantel). :)

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