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REHavis 09-09-2020 04:37 PM

Re: Setting up a new 29gal NPT
Your tank looks very nice, and I look forward to seeing more.

REHavis 09-09-2020 04:57 PM

Re: Setting up a new 29gal NPT
Your aquarium looks very nice, and I look forward seeing more. If I could figure out how to post pictures, I would post some of my tank.

I don't know where in Texas you live, but the major cities along the I-35 Corridor, DFW and Houston have some "Fish Stores" that have some fish and plants. I would look local and see if there can order what you want. I would suggest "Panda Corys" (4 our 5) for fish, also maybe about a dozen or so small tetras. I think you said you already have some shrimp?

chodovet 09-15-2020 02:44 PM

Re: Setting up a new 29gal NPT

Originally Posted by REHavis (Post 1009383)
Living in Texas, I doubt you need a heater in you Aquarium. Most people i know in my area keep their homes in a very narrow temperature range. Switching from heat, a/c and back in single day. I have had several heaters stick over the years. My current aquarium is generally 74 deg.F plus or minus 2 deg. Use City of Houston tap water and do 50% water changes weekly.

I definitely don't need one in the summer, as we keep the a/c between 78-80 (sometimes down to 77 at night!), but likely will in the winter, as I don't like to set the heat in the house much higher than 68! Pretty frugal with our temps and I hate the feeling of artificial heat blowing on me. Right now I don't even have the heater plugged in as I felt it was melting some plants that were right up against it. But will need to work something out in the next couple months lol...

chodovet 09-15-2020 03:15 PM

Re: Setting up a new 29gal NPT
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As an update, the black neons are doing well. I have a shipment of 6 Corydoras sterbai arriving from Aquatic Arts tomorrow. Plants are doing great - I have to remove hornwort and duckweed every couple weeks. I do have some Hydra, a little bit of cyanobacteria, and possible Cladophora. I plan to manually remove the cyano and clado later today and will try to spot treat with H2O2 if necessary. Have been ignoring the Hydra so far (??). I am hoping having the additional fish load will help some with the imbalances...

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REHavis 09-16-2020 02:44 PM

Re: Setting up a new 29gal NPT
Over the years I have changed the planting several times, removing the. The Crypt. balansae took over the tank in a few months (leaves grew to over 4' long) and Hygrophila sp. was added. The Hygrophila grew large, but was easy to trim back as necessary.

dwalstad 09-16-2020 04:20 PM

Re: Setting up a new 29gal NPT
With a lovely tank like this, I wouldn't worry about imbalances. :)

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