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t2000kw 08-14-2020 01:56 PM

System 1 filter cartridge substitute
(I posted this also in the equipment forum)

I have a System 1 aquarium filter that uses what looks like a cut off whole house filter cartridge that looks like this but this one is much longer:

I wondered if anyone else had a System 1 and what they now use as a substitute for the filter cartridge?

I don't have the dimensions of a house water filter cartridge to know what the diameter is but I suspect I can cut one to size and make it work. If anyone has a whole house filter using one of these type of filters (above), I would like to know what the diameter of the hole through the filter measures.

The other question I have is what filtration in microns would I need to use if I used diatomaceous earth in the filter? It is made for this to polish water so it's crystal clear and I don't want any of the DE to get past the filter cartridge. The one I have is OEM but they no longer make parts for them as another company bought them out to get rid of the competition and so there are no longer parts available.

The only other wearable part would be the drive belt, which I think could just use a suitably sized rubber O-ring.

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