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Weaveman 08-30-2020 06:51 PM

Spawning angels
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The panda angels in my 75g keep spawning and accidently eating their fry. It happens when they collect them in their mouth at feeding time to protect them, then instinctively feed and swallow!
Honestly I wish they'd stop spawning as they beat up the other angels during that week. It does seem like a good sign though about the overall health of the tank. It's been out of balance and they hadn't spawned about since the pandemic started.
Finally refilled and upped CO2, turned off 1 light, added a lot of plants, added a weak all in-one fert from Aq. Co-Op weekly, and did a lot of water changes.
The big one charged the camera!

Weaveman 09-06-2020 03:54 AM

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2nd try was successful this week, on the oldest, ugliest leaf. The last clutch on a clean leaf all got fungus.
Moved as many as I could to a breader box with the slats lined with floss bcs they all swim through. The parents collected the scattered ones later, back on the leaf. We'll see how each half does, and if they accidently eat the ones they are caring for, I still have the ones in the box.

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