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dennis 08-10-2004 05:20 AM

FS/Trade: Ludwigia repens
Who wants Ludwigia repens broad leaf. I have about 10 nice stems, with great roots and many side shoots, due to a recent rescaping. Let me know if you wnat thenand what you have. Cash or trade is fine, I am not looking for much here:)

dennis 08-14-2004 02:38 PM


Come on folks. Take these off my hands. Shipping of small trade is fine. Very nice and healthy. I just refuse to throw them away and my LFS woul dtake them for free and sell tham as 2 bunches for $4 each. After all the money I have spent there thay still jerk me around about cuttings. I gave him a number of bunches of various plants, stuff he has never seen or heard of, and not even a can of fish food. Bahhh!

PM or email me if interested.

PS sorry for the vent :oops:

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