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Gomer 08-11-2004 10:54 PM

Many RARE plants (aquabid) new special offer 8/13/04
Fundrasing to get a new tank :D

Ludwigia sp cuba;1092677606

Limnophila aromatica;1092678090

Wendtii Mi Oya;1092678419

Eustralis stellata ‘broadleaf’;1092677914

Juncus repens;1092677772

Lobelia cardinalis;1092678644

If you win any of these and want some hornwort, let me know your user name on this forum :) (an extension of my "free hornwort offer" posted in another thread...but this time I ship ;))

Gomer 08-13-2004 09:21 AM

Thought I'd add a special offer to all APC members who have enjoyed this forum enough to contribute atleast 50 posts:)

If anyone wins 3 auctions (there are 6, so up to 2 people), I will include a small amount of taiwan moss.

If anyone wins 5 or 6 of the auctions, I will include the taiwan moss, and the shipping will just be $5 (you can ignore the 0.50/additional auction part). An addition thank you for making shipping easier on me :D

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