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Choppy 10-21-2005 11:00 AM

After much pressure (no pun intended) from all sides I am considering a CO2 setup. I am NOT a do-it-yourselfer and don't relish mechanical challenges. I found a local source for CO2 cannisters and refills. So...

Is there a highly dependable, relatively fool-proof, easy-to-assemble (with clear instructions) all-in-one system that even a 10-year-old could handle? I've heard good things about AquaMedic but can't seem to find an all-in-one set and don't know what components I should get or how to put them together. Has anyone bought a setup that had everything they needed but a cannister that they set up easily and have had virtually no problems with?

(I guess if I am going to fork out that much money, I want it to be easy and I want it to work.)


Paul Higashikawa 10-21-2005 02:30 PM

Check out Robert, our admin's store. He has some great deal regarding such a set up. As for the tank, see this

I always prefer aluminum over steel for the obvious reasons. This is a pretty good on a new tank. Good luck and hope to your work soon!

Choppy 10-22-2005 09:34 AM

I have looked on Robert's site and have only found components, no "complete setup". Am I missing something? I suppose I could look at other "complete" setups to determine what the components should be and then buy the components from Robert, but I wouldn't know how to put 'em together (I'm presuming a complete setup comes with some instructions).

I have found reasonably priced complete setups utilizing a Milwaukee "Top Gun" regulator and others utilizing a JBJ regulator. Anybody have any preferences between these two?

Very scared about screwing all this up, but getting excited, too.


Keithjon 01-02-2006 04:23 PM

I use a CO2 diffusion system on my 109 liter tank. I found a Jungle "CO2 Fizz Factory" on a 50% table; $11.25. It is supper simple: a plastic container that is attached to the side of the aquarium with suction cups, plastic tubing to a plastic cup with a lid that has a plastic tubing attachment point.

About three times a week I drop an Alka-Seltzer tablet into the cup with 88 ml of water. The CO2 produced goes into the plastic container through the plastic tubing and is absorbed by the aquarium water.

I started using the Alka-Seltzer because the aquarium shop wanted $6.49 for a box of 16 replacement tables from Jungle. I can buy a 36 tablet box of Alka-Seltzer for $4.99. The Alka-Selter tablet produces about 250 ml of CO2 and the Jungle tablet 350 ml. Not a big difference.

This system is costing me about $10.00 a year. I do have to remember to put the tablet in three time a week.


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