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BryceM 06-09-2006 12:56 AM

NEAPS makes a huge showing in TAG
Kudos to Bailin, Dennis, and everyone else who was responsible for the tank setup at Uncle Neds a few months ago. I had almost overlooked the fact that Karen Randall was there taking photos. What a surprise I had to open the latest issue of TAG and see myself inside the back cover along with the other NEAPS members! The last two pages of the April-June "The Aquatic Gardener" are devoted to a very nice writeup by her about NEAPS and the setup at Uncle Ned's. She has included some nice photos of the tank too, including one after a few weeks of growing in. It looks great!

We owe her a big thank-you for mentioning the club and the website. You coudn't ask for better publicity. Besides, Bailin and Dennis are sure to be huge celebrities now. Better get their autographs soon.......

If you don't have a subscription, find a way to get a copy of the issue!

For an additional bonus, there is a writeup about the recent AGA and NEC meeting that took place in Connecticut. Bailin's nano tank is featured prominently and there are some nice photos of it by Jay Luto and Erik Olson.

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