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MissMinerva 11-08-2004 03:31 PM

GONE! Will trade Riccia for Christmas Moss
I have a nice, healthy 5x5 (or more) portion of Riccia I would like to trade for a decent amount of Xmas moss. Please PM me.

Thanks! :D

Paul Higashikawa 11-08-2004 05:34 PM

We can do some trading, or rather I can give some to you for free. I've recently acquired some from a good friend:) He told me to spread the wealth by giving me a huge portion of X-mas moss. What kindda plants do you have? Any hard-to-find ones? Perhaps we can discuss over PM.


Paul Higashikawa 11-09-2004 07:51 AM

A little clarification: As much as I know there are alot of people who would like to get their hands on X-mas moss, my portion IS limited. However, since I wasn't discreet enough(hahaha:P), I would give some out to whoever message me soon right after. Already one person has. If you guys are not in a hurry then please give me a little more time. I don't sell my stuff, but still I do need more time to grow the plants to meet the demands. Just like others have said, it's always a nice thing to share the wealth and especially in this hobby so more people can enjoy these harder-to-find plants without spending gargantuan costs(we're already paying enough tax as it is;P)

So, with this being said, I WILL give out plants in the future, maybe work with the nice people here(Art, Gomer, Gnat, and other great mods I am too forgetful at 9am to mention; forgive me) to donate some as raffle. I promise you guys will not be disappointed. Some may wonder why I don't just auction or sell my plants. The reason is, I am still at the stage where I can grow plants in decent condition, but still not good enough to sell them en masse. Also, personally I am not business-oriented; I'm too blunt. My future job is, however, to have a self-sustaining hobby in aquatic plants, alongside my primary job. That would kick a**:) Thanks for listening to my morning ramblings.


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