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southpark 11-10-2006 12:04 PM

cedar driftwood!

i just came across an excellent source of cedar driftwood this weekend

it turned out to be a local (5mi) source for me as well

Welcome to Texas

his 888-299-7718 number works best and he's available during the day

is a retired sheriff who owns a ranch with a large number of cedar stumps

his field workers will strip and chop the stumps and bring them in, he then rolls them in a water/stone tumbler to strip the bark and clean the wood

he then cuts a flat base on one side of them and then sells them

he markets mostly to taxidermists and crafts

but his wood is useable as aquarium driftwood!

i recently purchased several pieces and his prices are quite good ($3.50 for a 5-14inch piece!)

it only needs to be soaked or boiled (to remove tannins)

and if you want, you can sun bleach it to give it a grayer, less brown look

so far i've boiled 2 small pieces for about 10 hours and they've sunk and released a lot of tannins

also of note, it is long dead wood, and should not rot further!

he does have a minimum 25$ purchase for shipping orders, but if you can't fill a order that large (i bought 35$ worth of wood, 3 small, 2 medium, and 1 large, the small pieces would be sufficient centerpieces for probably 10-20gal range, the medium pieces won't even fit in something smaller than a 40+ and the large i'm having difficulty fitting in my 50, and is probably more appropriately sized for 75 or larger)

if you can't fill a minimum order you can try and pm me, and i can see about picking up small pieces and shipping them out for you if i have time

T-Bone 11-10-2006 12:32 PM

Sorry if I throw a monkey wrench into your idea. But most softwoods especially pine and cedar are known to have toxins. AFRMA - Cedar & Pine Information Mind you this is for bedding of cages, but the fact still stands, they have toxins. Professional loggers are usually required to wear respirators, for a reason. Cedar and pine that are in big peices in your home, probably won't be a problem, for they have low surface area. I would think though that even a large peice submerged under water would leech out those toxins, over time. I'm not saying "texas driftwood" has is selling bad product, their peices are nice, but they are for taxedermy. Note that they make no claim that cedar should be used in aquaria. They are beutiful peices and I have to admit, that I just love the smell of cedar. These would make great art. But in my aquarium, sorry no.

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