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Six 03-03-2007 11:20 PM

CAFE Spring Auction: March 31st!
Hello everyone! I would like to invite everyone to the CAFE spring auction being held in Lockbourne, Ohio on March 31,2007 at 11am.

Please click the above banner for directions and more information.

I will be checking in bags, so please feel free to say hello!



Spring Auction Map

t2000kw 03-06-2007 03:02 PM

The way things are shaping up this month, it looks like we may miss this one. I was sick the first weekend, barely well enough to stop by at Allen's place In Washington C.H. to pick up some plants Saturday afternoon. Then, my workplace decided to staff our office with a skeleton crew on Saturdays. We do get to take a day off close to that Saturday in trade, but it's a Saturday. I managed to get by volunteering for only one in the next 8 or 9 weeks, but it's in March. I also have an event to attend that same weekend, and since I'm working that Saturday, I will be making up for that one at another similar event on another Saturday, probably in March. I have some other things that can move around a bit on the March weekends, but there are only so many opportunities, and I've lost a few of them.

On top of that, Melissa now has what I had, so it may mess up this weekend for her.

A bad month so far!

Do they have these twice a year?

Six 03-23-2007 11:12 PM

Re: CAFE Spring Auction: March 31st!
They do. Are you still sick? It's next weekend!

Did you send me an email about the auction t2000? LOL. I think I thought it was spam. :D I'll check if it's still in my inbox if so.

There's going to be a COMPLETE 14 gallon biocube from Oceanic with stand at the auction for the tank raffle! It's an awesome little set-up that you can use for a planted tank (if you mod it a little) or a nice little reef tank!

some info from a misc vendor site:

We're also giving away door prizes and will have mid-auction snacks for the hungry. :D

Thanks, as always!

brynnhilde 03-24-2007 04:41 AM

Re: CAFE Spring Auction: March 31st!
I have been going for over two years and I always find it enjoyable. Plants seem to go at fair market value being limited competition and lirmited variety. Mostly what is there is java fern, java moss, and common wendentii crypt. I did add some different crypts and vals to the mix over the last year, but my ten crashed and I lost all the vals. 5 varieties, poof. Anyway, many different fish. Go to the CAFE website and post anything you want to bring or want to get. It will encourage people to bring items they thought noone would like and encourage people to come and bid up the items. You will see my wife and I in the front row (easier to see the fish)!

brynnhilde 03-24-2007 04:46 AM

Re: CAFE Spring Auction: March 31st!

Here is the website to post in the forum. You have to join and then you can post.

t2000kw 03-24-2007 05:11 AM

Re: CAFE Spring Auction: March 31st!
Just found out that my factory is shutting down for 2 weeks. So I'll have to wait until later in the year to be able to afford to go. It will take a few months to recover from this, and I lose my desk job and become a factory worker again at a slight loss in pay. The old saying "have no money--attend no auctions" applies. If business picks up and we don't have another shutdown, maybe I'll be ready for a fall auction.

Six 03-24-2007 10:00 AM

Re: CAFE Spring Auction: March 31st!
Wow! I'm sorry to hear that! I hope it all works out for you.

come say hi to me! I'll be checking in bags. :P

evercl92 03-27-2007 09:40 PM

Re: CAFE Spring Auction: March 31st!
That place isn't 10mins from my house. I'll be sure to be there.

Six 03-30-2007 01:14 PM

Re: CAFE Spring Auction: March 31st!
Sounds good! Remember this is tomorrow, everyone! :)

t2000kw 04-02-2007 07:27 AM

Re: CAFE Spring Auction: March 31st!
The CAFE auction was great. Lots of different fishes for sale. The most common ones, if I remember correctly, were angelfish, various cichlids, guppies, and corydoras. Some equipment was auctioned off, including 2-29 or 30 gallon tanks, several 10 gallon tanks, some smaller tanks, nets, a python siphon, bio-wheel filters (some went for $5), and more. Lots of plants, too.

I left about the 1/2 way mark since I got most of what I came for. The discus went for too much money so I let others bid the price way up there. I was looking for bargains, so I didn't bid high on much of anything. As usual, some items went for more than they were worth, people getting caught up in the auction frenzy. But most items went for fair prices.

No crystal red shrimp were for auction, and that is what I had hoped to see.

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