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aru666 06-10-2011 04:07 PM

Re: Building ADA

ngfrazier 06-27-2011 03:15 PM

Re: Building ADA
Big thanks again to Jason for helping/inspiring me...

ngfrazier 07-28-2011 06:04 AM

Re: Building ADA
Updates! Here we go...

About 2 weeks ago:


Jason Baliban 07-28-2011 07:51 PM

Re: Building ADA
Your stand turned out nice, but you should probly keep your updates in your journal not in a forum for DIY.


barclaya 03-31-2015 10:46 AM

Re: Building ADA
How to make a legs. Do i need legs

TropTrea 03-31-2015 09:54 PM

Re: Building ADA
Looks like a nice stand and tank set up. With the Formica you have an assortment of colors to pick from as well. The only bad part about it is the price.

bkkebi 06-10-2015 06:41 AM

Re: Building ADA
Can anybody able to get the full list of measurements for each parts? I'm planning to build for 75" gallon rimless (48"x18") tank. I need help on the doors measurement.
  • Top = 48"x18.75"
  • Bottom = 48"x18"
  • Left side, middle, right side = 30"x18"
  • Front piece = 48"x4"??
  • Doors piece = ?????
  • Bottom piece for kickstand= ??? 44"x18"????
  • 2x2studs = 6 pieces (3 on each side)


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