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Brilliant 01-30-2008 05:18 PM

Galaxy Danios
Hey guys,

Whos up for breeding Galaxy danios? I will have a batch of tank bred fish ready within a month or two. I dont really know how long until they are sexable.

These are not free....there are a few requirements. You must have an available tank ready for breeding, species only. A single 20L works perfectly or 2x10g tanks. You must pledge to try and breed them. I can help with the rest. :)

Ed_Alfonso 02-16-2008 07:12 AM

Re: Galaxy Danios
I have room for some GD's I have a few 15's & 20L's that are empty. I will call you.

Brilliant 02-22-2008 12:11 PM

Re: Galaxy Danios
Great now we just need to meetup.

I just hatched a new batch so if anyone else is interested in breeding let me know, see first post.

Please express your thanks to Erin, she made this possible.

Emc2 03-31-2008 06:46 PM

Re: Galaxy Danios
I'm glad to see you were able to breed them and share the wealth. Congratulations.

dawntwister 04-28-2008 03:26 PM

Re: Galaxy Danios
I would like to see how they look. Googled them but couldn't find them. Perhaps they are listed under another name?

Brilliant 04-28-2008 03:46 PM

Re: Galaxy Danios
Here you go

There seems to be many other names. When I made this they decide to call them danios. :)


Originally Posted by Emc2 (Post 375094)
I'm glad to see you were able to breed them and share the wealth. Congratulations.

I was under pressure! ;) Thank you. :)

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