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mommyeireanne 02-08-2008 07:52 AM

Where the heck can I find Pool Filter Media gravel??
I called four hardware stores, and four pool supply places today and even the big monster stores (Watson's, Lowes, Home Depot) didn't have the 2-3 mm gravel supposedly used to filter swimming pools. I am new to this (6 months) and not a member anywhere. I'd like to come to the GCAS auction Sunday in Loveland. I am upgrading a Walstad style Natural Planted Tank and need gravel smaller than the usual aquarium gravel, but larger than sand, which won't have a big effect on my pH. I also need MT Snails, duckweed (don't laugh!) and maybe a few more fast growing plants. I'm trying to figure if is gas to this auction would be cheaper than shipping, if I could get this stuff there, as I'm not ready to buy fish yet. Thanks for any help. I live between Dayton and Cincinnati. I need to know:
1)Where I can get pool filter media?
2) Will the Loveland auction be open to me as a non-member?
3)Is the auction likely to have lowly duckweed and MTS?

wolfen42 02-08-2008 08:51 AM

Re: Where the heck can I find Pool Filter Media gravel??
I think the problem might be that the pool industry has moved away from mixed media filtering to filters that contain only silica sand. I worked at a pool store for a couple years a (cough) while ago and at that point they had already switched over to using only diatomaceous earth or silica sand for filtering.

wolfen42 02-08-2008 08:55 AM

Re: Where the heck can I find Pool Filter Media gravel??
Is there a GCAS auction this Sunday? The schedule I have is the monthly meeting on the 17th and the spring auction on April 26th.

Actually, if you are looking at the posted schedule in this forum, it's from 2007.

mommyeireanne 02-08-2008 01:28 PM

Re: Where the heck can I find Pool Filter Media gravel??
Well thanks for telling me. I didn't check the date. Would have been a long drive.

I had noticed that all the media offered was either plastic (bio) or chemical, with the exceptio of diatoms. This "progress" has stumped me in my purpose, now. I'll figure something out. Thanks again.

Rob Tetrazona 02-08-2008 02:26 PM

Re: Where the heck can I find Pool Filter Media gravel??
I can't help you out with your sand question, but I can with everything else.

GCAS auctions are always held in April & October each year. The Swap Meet is usually in February, but not this year since GCAS is switching event venues from The Oasis and was it rescheduled for May. There is only a meeting this month.

I have MTS's. How many do you need? I'm pretty sure I can get some duckweed pretty easily too.

mommyeireanne 02-09-2008 05:04 AM

Re: Where the heck can I find Pool Filter Media gravel??
I am trying to figure out what I will need to plant up from a 10gal to a 20 gal. A friend offered me her used 20 and I haven't seen it yet. My plants did well, so I think at a minimum I'd only need duckweed. If I end up making an order and paying shipping, though, I may get a few more plants. I have a Brigs Apple snail, and really liked her, so I got another one. Ended up with a mated pair, she clutched and he must have died without me knowing it. One day he was ok, the next day, she had eaten him. Vicious. And she's huge, golfball sized and still growing. My water is warm, so don't imagine she'll live more than 6 more months. I've had her 5 months I think. Plus she doesn't stir the substrate and she does uproot stem plants. Ornery snail. I had an offer from another nice person here for MTS. You guys are great! I'm a cheapskate (part of the draw of low tech) and trying to avoid paying shipping for just one or two items. I do understand that live things need extra care, especially in winter. It would be ideal for me to find something locally, but no luck yet. I really liked Aquarium Adventures in Mason, but it closed a year or more ago. I've also been looking for a clean source for wild duckweed, but no luck there yet either. I really appreciate your offer. Can I hold off until I know what I am doing? It would be great if I do only need duckweed and MTS.

MatPat 02-09-2008 09:46 AM

Re: Where the heck can I find Pool Filter Media gravel??
If you are not in a hurry for your plants, you should try making it to the February meeting. Plants usually go for a dollar a bag and there is no shipping involved, only the cost in gas to get to the meeting. You'll definitely get healthier plants than if you order online ;) Once the meeting date gets a little closer, people will usually list what plants or fish (sometimes even shrimp) they can bring to the meeting.

This is a bad time of year to look for swimming pool supplies. I know the Leslie's by the Dayton Mall carries filter sand during the spring and summer months. In the past this was a natural color and is closer to "gravel" size than actual sand. Watson's is geared more towards indoor Recreation Room stuff (pool and foosball tables, etc) this time of year.

megasycophant 02-09-2008 10:20 PM

Re: Where the heck can I find Pool Filter Media gravel??
k, a couple of questions?

You *need* duckweed? I guess to limit the amount of light? How about watersprite? Duckweed amounts to a lot of maintenance. If you want watersprite, I'll bring some to the next meeting. If you *really* want duckweed, most pet stores would probably be happy to give it to ya. I know the Jack's on Smithville in Dayton has way more than they need, if that helps any.

Regarding the 'vicious' apple snails... rmmm... huh? If he died, I'm thinking it didn't have much to do with her. If not, how did she 'take him out'? I used to breed these, and never witnessed any aggression, nor am I sure how they'd go about it? (Or why?)

BTW, for anyone who's not in the know, "Brigg's" are what are sold around here as Mystery snails.

megasycophant 02-09-2008 10:25 PM

Re: Where the heck can I find Pool Filter Media gravel??
Oh, yeah, and I bet my MTS are bigger than Rob's! :rofl:

MatPat 02-10-2008 08:57 AM

Re: Where the heck can I find Pool Filter Media gravel??
Actually, if it were me, I would look for some Red Root Floater. Should you decide in the future you don't want it, it is much easier to thin out and people will actually buy Red Root Floater :-) RRF also does not infect other tanks like Duckweed will.

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