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missphnx 03-17-2004 11:50 AM

Best "carpet plant" and online source?

I really want to get a plant that wil create a nice carpet effect. I am still a beginner, so I need the hardiest kind of "carpet plant" out there.
Also...what are some good online Aquatic Plant stores?

Thank you,

Phil Edwards 03-17-2004 12:19 PM


It all depends on what kind of carpet you want. Do you want a grassy carpet, true grass carpet, or something short like Glossostigma? I've got some glosso and dwarf saggitaria if you're interested. If you want true grass your best bet is to ask your LFS to get you a couple portions of Hair Grass.


missphnx 03-17-2004 02:28 PM

Hi Phil,

I really like both the glosso and the dwarf saggitaria. Are they easy enough for a semi-beginner? I have grown javas, swords, crypts, lilies(?) and some other stuff I don't know the names of without a problem.
This would be my first time trying low-growing plants.
But, to answer your question, yes I would be interested in both if you think I can handle them. :D

Should I email you? Or do you have a website?

Thank you,

EDGE 03-17-2004 04:08 PM

Dwarf sag is really easy. It is almost impossible to kill the plant.

Glosso is a little harder. It need high light and CO2.

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