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ashappard 12-18-2009 02:08 PM

the DIY link page
This sticky is an effort to accumulate many projects and info together in an easy to navigate link page.
It will expand as time goes on as I mine the posts for nuggets. Feel free to let me know by PM if you'd like to nominate a thread for inclusion.
CO2 generation
DIY CO2 Guide with pictures and recipies
references for DIY CO2
Reactors / Diffusion
inline CO2 reactor plans | more inline CO2 reactor plans
niko's internal CO2 reactor thread (misting) | needle wheel CO2 misting
modify standard pump impellers for better fractionating (CO2 mist)
Drop Checker
hoppy's DIY drop checker thread
Pressurized CO2
pressurized CO2 using paintball tanks
removing tank trim | making your own hardscape
glass lined masonry tank (1000L)
DIY ADA stand (for ADA 120H) | industrial style stand for 65G tall
aquarium stand (for 30x12x18 tank) | aquarium in a bar
aquarium stand using MDF
DIY PVC pipe filter | DIY lily pipe for nano tank | fluidized purigen reactor
gomer's LED lighting via Luxeon Stars | another go at Luxeon LED lighting
supercoley1's Luxeon LED lighting experiment | 288 LED array for nano tank
mylar reflectors
perfecto 10 gallon hood spiral CF retrofit | 8 bulb spiral CF fixture
5x80W T5HO fixture
continuous feeder for dosing
multi pump autodoser | autodosing, pumps inside solution

Zapins 09-02-2013 10:48 AM

Re: the DIY link page
I'd like to add:
How to make your own glass fish tank with glass calculator.
Water Change:
Automatic water change system plans

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