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rti1000 06-07-2005 03:01 PM

Noob equipment questions.
Hi everyone,
I'm new to planted tanks and this forum and i had a few questions. I currently have a perfecto 75 gal tank with a 48in double strip light, an aquaclear 110 filter and 90lbs of flourite gravel in the bottom. I haven't started putting any fish or plants in it yet because i wanted to get my equipment setup and running first.
I had started to look at the EHEIM filter lines and couldn't decide between the 20/2126 or the 20/2128 the heated unit sounded nice but i already have a 300w heater in the tank and it's an extra ~$50 I'm not sure i want to spend right now. I do have access to a 2229 for free right now but i need to but the media, pads and i think a few parts which would probally cost less than $100.00 but it's a wet/dry and i keep hearing that thats not a good filter for CO2 tanks.

CO2 system.

Currently have an 80 double hood
was looking at
48in orbit 260w
48in aqualight double 260w

UV sterilizer:
Aqua 15w i figured 15/18 should be big enough for a 75 gal

Fish: I would like my main fish to be either cobalt discus or altum angelfish which is why i was leaning towards the automated co2 system.

Any input or ideas would be greatly appreciated
Thank you,
Andy H

trenac 06-07-2005 04:43 PM

Filter... If you don't wont to go with the heated version of the Eheim then the 2026 will be great. Try Big Als they have the best prices on a lot of equipment.

Lights... I myself prefer Coralife fixtures, but have never used the Orbit fixture. Marine & Reef have good prices on light fixtures and is where I buy mine from.

C02... You can buy or make the individual components needed for a pressurized system cheaper than what Dr. Fosters is selling theirs for... Look at this link

rti1000 06-07-2005 09:47 PM

Trena, thank you for the links and the info, i think you just sold me on the aqualight especaily now that i just saw the adjustable legs :razz: that looks like it will make working in the tank so much easier. One thing though. the tank is in my bedroom and i was thinking of lunar lights if i wanted to watch the fish at night, could i get the lunar aqua light and switch the actinic bulbs out for 6700k bulbs?

about the filter, i guess i was worried that the 2026 wasn't going to be big enough to handle the tank which is why i was considering the 28 and do you know if you can inject co2 into the Eheim units without any problems and if you can't, is the water flow strong enough to hook a reactor inline with the output hose of the filter so i wouldnt have to use a powerhead.

Thank you again.

trenac 06-08-2005 05:25 PM

If you don't get the freshwater fixture it is ok switch out the actinic bulbs for a plant bulb.

I know some others on the forum uses their Ehiems to disperse C02 but I've have not tried it, so I can't really comment. Hopefully someone will come along that uses that method.

magicmagni 06-08-2005 06:21 PM

I'd get the largest capacity filter that you can afford especially with large fish. Remember that the flow rate on the filters are under "ideal" situations and the published numbers assume you are not putting things like Co2 reactors on them. While I think you can get by with the smaller filter why not invest a little extra into the bigger filter that way there you don't have to wonder if the filtration is adequate enough and you can always use it on a larger tank if you ever decide to upgrade.

IMO Discus are too big for a planted 75G tank. Unplanted is another story though...but that's no fun.:) I'd go with smaller fish like the Angels.

gnatster 06-08-2005 06:24 PM

I always wondered how the 2229 would fair if you injected CO2 into the dry section instead of it using room air.

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