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10GallonTetraTank 01-25-2011 12:01 PM

Asking some help with new tank
I have a 10 gallon tank. I put some plants in with no florseesnt (No fertlizer and there is gravel). They died quickly (they turned brown and shriveled). I just bought a florresent light and hood, so should my tank be good to go? I have 6 Neon Tetra's and they didnt eat any of the plants. I have a Chineese Ball that is still good and living. Please help.....Any tips let me know.

Could you make a list of the things I need with gravel and a seperate list of What i need wit Eco-Complete?

Thanks so much

Bert H 01-26-2011 04:30 AM

Re: Asking some help with new tank
Let me refer you again to the two stickies I suggested on your other thread. Yes, you do need to add ferts whether you use Eco or plain gravel.

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