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mythin 02-24-2011 07:58 AM

Getting out of the fish game, equipment for sale
I havent had time in the last few months to take care of a tank so now im parting out what I have. Everything you see listed was bought brand new and used maybe 6 months.

Current USA 1/15th HP Prime Inline Aquarium: $280
ADA 45-P tank(10g rimless): $70
Current 30" Satellite 65W pc Strip W/lunar Light: $65
Eheim Filter 2213 classic plus: $50 *pending to redfish Electronic CO2 regulator: $165
20lbs CO2 Canister: $70 *I believe its a 20lbs, Ill have to recheck when I get home.

Im at work right now, if you have any questions feel free to respond or email me at [email protected]

I live near the galleria area, at westheimer @ voss

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