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TheLoachGuy 11-02-2011 07:19 PM

November meet-up
Just starting a new thread to see if we have enough interest to get a few of us together for a meetup of some sort. It has been a while folks! Lets get back into some plant talk!



Are you up for it?

Jeff E.

Rob Tetrazona 11-03-2011 05:08 AM

Re: November meet-up
If nobody else can host I can, but here is my disclaimer. The last 1.5 years of so, my operation has seriously downsized and my planted tanks all went to crap. Planning for the auction, I prepared a 75 & a 55 both with CO2 for planting. My 75 is planted with new starter plants and lingering BBA. The 55 has light & filter, but still waiting of a few new parts for the CO2 system. I toasted a solenoid valve! So I guess I'm saying I'm getting more enthusiastic about the hobby again, but don't have any impressive tanks at this time or trimmings to share. It would truly be a plant swap/BS session. I'd probably be a better host for the next gathering.

I'm definitely interested in seeing the group again.

Klaus07 11-03-2011 08:31 AM

Re: November meet-up
I am with you, I keep mostly fish type tanks but I am just starting to play with emersed growth of aquatic aroids. I had an emeresed Crypt tank in the mid 1980s with C. lingua and pontederiifolia and marveled at the beauty of the spathes as they sent up blooms. I am not running any co2 at the moment, I am not sure if my tank and regulators are still good, but I am slowly headed deeper into keeping plants again.

Speaking of which, does anyone here in Ohio have. H sunset? Other states won't do as there are restrictions about transporting it over state lines. I would like to try some for both emersed and submersed growth.


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