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asukawashere 06-07-2012 10:03 AM

CAPE Meeting/Event Schedule for SUMMER 2012
Hey all,

Just wanted to remind everybody of the dates of the summer meetings and activities, so you can all book them in your calendar now. :) Some of our plans aren't finalized yet, but I'll update this thread as we go along.

JUNE 16th (Saturday) at 2:00pm - Hamden, CT
This month we'll be welcoming back our club Founder, Michael Teesdale, who has returned from the scholarly abyss known as California. His fishroom is in a rough state, and could use some help to recover from the week-long power outage caused by Snowtober. Also he has cool plants for us to squint at. PM me for the address.

JULY 21st
(Saturday) at 2:00pm - ???
This meeting is reserved for a collecting trip to some yet undetermined location. If anybody knows anybody who privately owns a pond we might be able to raid, do let us know - there are a heck of a lot fewer permits to collect on private property with the owner's permission than to collect on state property.

August 18th (Saturday) at 2:00pm - Fairfield, CT
I figure I'll host this one. Anybody think we should hold an auction? Also open to any other ideas!

September 15th
(Saturday) at 2:00pm - ???
??? Dunno what we're doing yet. :)

Gardenho 06-12-2012 05:50 PM

Re: CAPE Meeting/Event Schedule for SUMMER 2012
I still have extra Assassin snails. I plan on bringing some to the June 16th meeting. Any takers?

asukawashere 06-13-2012 09:56 AM

Re: CAPE Meeting/Event Schedule for SUMMER 2012
Snails beware! I'm sure anyone who missed out at the last meeting will be happy to adopt some of your snails, Julie. The ones I got are tearing their way through my ramshorn population. :) See you at the meeting!

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