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davemonkey 07-25-2014 01:47 PM

CO2 regulator and 10lb cylinder - Houston area
I posted this on the Houston Fish Box sale forum, but didn't want to put on the sale threads here because I don't want to ship...local p/u only, and I can go as far as East Houston (or Beaumont or Kingwood in the other directions) to meet. (I am 11 miles south of Liberty, TX.)

Anyway, I'm slowly easing out of the hobby (and easing into wine-making :rolleyes: ).

The link will have more details, but it's an Airco/Concoa commercial-grade 2-stage CO2 regulator (huge compared to hobby regulators). The needle valve is Ideal with the vernier option, so you never have to guess how far open or closed it is. The CO2 cylinder is a 10 lb. and has over a year left on last hydro-test (due in 2016).

I'm asking $165 for the regulator+needle valve .

...and [SOLD]for the cylinder.

PM me if interested, and for more details...or just click that link above.

davemonkey 07-25-2014 04:21 PM

Re: CO2 regulator and 10lb cylinder - Houston area
CO2 tank has been claimed. Regulator assembly still available. :)

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