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Default Huge assortment of Cichlids and others

With co-operation I am proud to help offer quality species from Cichlids u want.
Russ has agreed to let me help him get his quality fish over here. I am kind of a
middle man but make no profits, the only retribution I will receive is a deal here or
there on fish that I wish to keep personally and not be re-sold. I am just trying
to help out us Canadians to get some more really cool species here and cut out some
horrifying shipping I will hopefully be placing orders once a month possibly two.
To keep the shipping down they can be shipped here in multiple orders or at a preferred location
but can be drop shipped to your door but shipping will be more. The general idea is to keep shipping costs minimal when its shipped to me or another location with multiple orders.
Well here is the list feel free to contact me at any time with questions you may prefer to contact Russ for species details. Very shortly Russ and **** Clarke will have a new and exiting web site up with photo's ect that you will be able to look at. Russ does deal on aquabid often and some pictures can be seen there shipping from aquabid purchases can be arranged through myself as well. You can reach Russ directly by means listed below. As for now my email is listed below to avoid a flood of phone calls to me if there is some serious inquiries I will have no hesitation to give you my phone number and address.

*Assorted Mbuna
Small 3.00(50/75/100 mix)
Medium 6.00
Large 10.00

*Assorted Haps Small

*Assorted African Small Medium Large
Assorted Peacocks Small n/a
Aristochromis Christyi Medium 12.00 Large 28.00
Aulonocara Arizona Ruby Red NICE!!! Medium n/a
Aulonocara Arizona Ruby Red Albino Small n/a
Aulonocara Benga Sunshine Large 24.00
Aulonocara "Blue Dorsal" Flavescent Med n/a Large 25.00 X-Large n/a
Aulonocara Blue Neon Peacock M/Large n/a
Aulonocara Chitende Mdoka Large 30.00
Aulonocara Albino Maleri Sunshine M/Large 16.00 Large 40.00
Aulonocara Maleri Sunshine "Chidunga Rocks" Large n/a
Aulonocara Maulana "Bio-color 500" Small n/a Medium n/a Large 30.00 SHOW ask
Aulonocara Stuartgranti "Chiloelo" Large na
Aulonocara Chipokae Sunshine Small n/a M/Large n/a Large 26.00
Aulonocara "German Red" Peacock Large 45.00SHOW!
Aulonocara Hansbaenschi Regal Large 14.00
Aulonocara Lwanda "Red Top" F-1 M/Large n/a Large 35.00NICE
Aulon Jacofrierbergi Albino "Eureka Red" Small 8.50 M/Large 17.50 Large 45.00
Aulonocara Jacobfrierbergi "Eureka Red" Small 6.00 Medium 8.00 Large 17.50
Aulonocara Jacobfreibergi "Regina Orange" Large n/a
Aulonocara Mamelia "Lemon Jake" med n/a Large 16.00 SHOW 30.00
Aulonocara Mamelia "Albino-Lemon Jake" Small 10.00 Large 30.00
Aulonocara Maylandi "Sulferhead" Small n/a Medium n/a Large 30.00
Aulonocara Mdoka Ngara Flametail Sm/Med 7.00 Large 25.00
Aulonocara Ngara Red Sided Small n/a
Aulonocara Hansbaenschi "Red Shoulder" Small n/a Medium n/a Large 25.00
Aulonocara "Blue Regal" Peacock Large n/a
Aulonocara "Ref-Fin Blue Regal" Peacock Large n/a
Aulonocara Roofus Red Peacock Large n/a
Aulonocara Reuben Red Albino(EuroImport) Small 10.00 Medium n/a Large n/a
Aulonocara Rubescens "Red Peacock" Small n/a Med n/a Large 40.00-NICE!!!!!!!!
Aulonocara Ruby Red Small 5.00
AulonocaraStuartgranti "Mbenji" Small 3.00 good size Large 22.00 SHOW n/a
Aulonocara Albino "Super Red" Small n/a XX-Large n/a
Aulonocara"Sunkist Orange" Peacock 2" 20.00-RARE Large 50.00
Aulonocara Albino "Strawberry" Peacock 2" n/a M/Large 12.00 Large 17.50
Aulonocara Swallowtail "Caroline" Large 26.00-Nice X-Large n/a
Aulonocara Usisya Flavesant Small n/a Medium n/a Large 22.00

Buccochromis "Nototaenia" Large 20.00 SHOW na
Buccochromis "Rhoadesii" Medium n/a X-Large n/a
Champsochromis Caeruleus Small na 5 -6" $35.00 X-Large n/a SHOW MALES!

Copadichromis Mloto Azureus "O.B." RARE!!! Large n/a
Copadichromis Mloto "Ivory Head" Small 2.25
Copadichromis Mloto "Likoma" med 7.00 Large 20.00
Copadichromis"Yellow Prince Mloto" Small 5.00!! Nice!! Large na
CopadichromisChrysonotus/Ovatus M/Large na Large 35.00
Copadichromis Gold Fin Borleyi Large n/a
Copadichromis Red Fin Borleyi "Kadango" Small n/a Medium n/a X-Large 20.00
Copadichromis Red Fin Borleyi (Crock Rocks) Medium 10.00
Copadichromis Yellow Fin Borleyi Small n/a Med n/a X-Large 20.00-Nice
Copadichromis Virginalis Gold Crest small 10.00

Cynotilapia Afra "Axelrodi" Medium na
Cynotilapia Afra "Jalo Reef" Small 5.00
Cynotilapia Afra "Orange Back" small 6.00 Med 6.00 Large 15.00
Cynotilapia Afra "White Top" M/Large n/a Large n/a
Cyrtocara Moorii "Blue Dolphin" Small 3.50 Medium n/a Large 30.00
DimidiochromisCompressiceps Medium na Large 35.00
Dimidiochromis Compressiceps "O. B." Large n/a
Fossochromis Rostratus Medium 7.00 Large 65.00Show!!!
Gephychromis Moorii"Orange Back Dolphin" Large 12.50

Haplochromis Bilineatus"Turquoise Hap" Large 10.00 SHOW ask X-Large! 20.00-SHOW!
Hemitilapia Oxyryhnchus M/Large 14.00 Large 27.00

Lab. Caeruleus "Yellow Lab" Small 5.00 F-1-2 " 12.00-RARE!! LARGE 27.00 F-1
Labidichromis Caeruleus "White Lab" Small 6.00
Labidichromis "Hongi" Small 4.00
Labidichromis "Perlmutt" Medium n/a
Labidichromis "Chisumulae Small n/a Medium n/a
Labidichromis Frebergi Medium 5.75-NICE! Large Out
Labeotropheus Fulleborni OrangeSided "Katale" Small 4.00 w/ "O. B." Females Large 15.00
Labeotropheus Trewavase "Mapago Red" Large 16.00
Labeotropheus Trewavase "Marmalade" Large n/a
Labeotropheus "Ochre" Sided Trewavase Large 16.00

Labeotropheus Red Top Trewavase Medium n/a Large 14.00 XX-Large 20.00-SHOW!
Lethrinops "Red Cap" Large 35.00
Melenochromis Chipokae Medium 3.50
Melanochromis "Red" Exasperatus Small 5.50-HOT!!!
Metriaclima Estheri "Red Zebra"!!! Medium 4.50 --NICE Large 9.50
Nimbochromis Fuscotaeniaus Large 30.00
Nimbochromis "Livingstonii" X-Large 30.00-Very-NICE!
Nimbochromis "Venustus" Small 3.00 Medium 7.50 Large 30.00 FULL BLAZE!! X-Large ask
Nyassachromis Prostoma Luili Large n/a
Otopharynx "Yellow Blaze Lithobates" Small 6.00
"Zimbawe Rock" Medium 15.00-SomeColor! Large 15.00 SHOW 40.00-BLAZE!!!!!!!
Otopharynx Lithobates"Chinyamwezi Island Large 26.00-NICE
Placidochromis Electra "Deepwater Hap" Large 25.00 X-Large 30.00-Huge
Placidochromis"Electra Superior" NEW! Large 26.00
Placidochromis Milomo "VC-10" Large 25.00
Placidochromis Phenochilus Medium 10.00 Large 27.50
Protomelas Fenestratus "Powder Blue Hap" X-Large 30.00
Protomelas Insignis "SHOW MALES"!!!!!!! Large 40.00

Protomelas Spilonotus "Mozambique" Large 30.00
Protomelas Steveni "Taiwan Reef" Small n/a M/Large 15.00-Nice-Color Large $25.00
Protomelas Steveni "Taiwan Reef" Albino Small n/a Medium n/a Large 100.00
Protomelas Steveni "Higga Reef" NICE Large na
ProtomelasTaeniolatus "Red Empress" Large 20.00NICE!
Protomelas Taeniolatus "Dwarf Fire Hap" Large 27.50-Nice! X-Large 45.00
Protomelas Tangerine "Tiger Hap" Large 25.00 X-Large! 40.00-SHOW!
Pseudoptropheus Acei "Lwala" Small 5.50-NICE! Large 8.00
Albino "Red Top" Cobalt Medium 4.25
Albino Cobalt Medium 4.25
Aurora "Mozambique" Small 5.50 Large 16.00
Blue Cobalt NICE!! Small 4.00 Medium 6.00 Large 11.00

Blue Dolphin NEW!!!-RARE!!! Small 12.50! SHOW!!! Large 40.00-VERY NICE!!
Cobalt red top "Ice Blue" Small 6.00
Daktari "yellow acei" Small 4.50
Damasoni Small 10.00 Med 14.00
Elongates "Likoma" Med 6.00
Flavus Small 7.00-Nice!!! Large 25.00
Lombardo "Kenei"(Kenyi) Medium 5.00-NICE! Large 14.00
Mbenji Albino Very Nice! Large n/a
Mbenji Zebra Large n/a
Polit "Lion's Cove" Medium 10.00-NICE!!!!
Red OB Zebra Medium 5.00
Red OB Zebra Albino Medium 12.00 Large 30.00-Nice
Red Top Blue Banded Zebra Medium n/a
Red Zebra Albino Small 4.50
Socolofi Small 3.50
Scianochromis Fryeri"Electric-Blue" Ahli Small 4.25 Medium 6.75 Large 25.00-Nice!!
"ICEBURG" Large 40.00-Nice!
Stigmatichromis "modestus" Large! 30.00
Stigmatichromis Pholidopherus Large 30.00
Tramitichromis Intermedius S/Medium n/a
Tramitchromis Literus Large n/a

Wild Caught Lake Malawi *All Wild are Adults and sold in only pairs or
groups unless specified. However, in some cases, we are "FEMALE HEAVY" with
some of the species. It does not hurt to ask!
Aul. Stuart Granti "Cobue" Red Fin 30.00
Aul. BlueNeon Violet "Hai Reef" 25.50
Aul. BlueNeon "Undu" 28.00
Aul. Koningsi Mbenji n/a
Aulonocara Kandeenses "Blue Orchid" 34.00
Aulonocara Korneliae 30.00
Aul. "Lemon Jake" 32.00
Aulonocara Maleri Sunshine "Chidunga Rocks" 28.00
Aulonocara Dwarf Maulana 28.00 NEW!
Aul. Maulana "Bio_Color 500" 25.50
Aul. Stuart Granti mdoka/ngara (flametail) 35.00
Aul. Stuart Granti Usisya "Londo" 28.00
Buccuchromis Rhoadesi 40.00
Champsochromis Caeruleus n/a
Chilotilapia. "Euchilus" 38.00-Very Rare!!
Copadichromis Jacksoni "Higga Reef" 35.00Males Only~Rare!
Copadichromis Borleyi "Kawanga" 30.00
Copadichromis Mloto "Chilumba Point" n/a
Copadichromis Mloto "Fire Crest" n/a
Copadichromis Mloto midnight mara-moz. na
Copadichromis Mloto "Lupingo" 27.40
Copadichromis Verduyni na
Copadichromis Virginalis "Gold Crest" n/a
Copadichromis Virginalis "Geertsi Gome" 32.00-VERY RARE!!!
Copadichromis cyaneus nkhata bay n/a
Copadichromis Mloto "Flourescent" n/a
Copopadichromis Moloto "Chismulu" 37.50
Ctenochromis Pinctus Gome 29.00~New!!!
Dimidiochromis Dimidiatus 60.00~VERY RARE!!!
Dimidiochromis Kiwinge na~RARE!
Electrochromis Ornatus 60.00=Show Males

Hemitilapia Oxyrinchus n/a
Labeotropheus Fulleborni "Chinyankwazi" 20.00

Labeotropheus Fulleborni "O. B." 55.00-Males~HUGE!!! 25.00-Females
Labeotropheus Trewavasae "Lion's Cove" 20.00
Labeotropheus Trewavasae "O. B." (1M/3FM) 129.00 for Group!

Lethrinops "Gold" n/a
Lethrinops "Red Cap" 27.50
Melanochromis Labrosus n/a
Nimbochromis Livingstoni "SHOW MALES!! 60.00
Nyassachromis Prostoma Luili 25.40
Otopharynx Auromarginatus "Margrette" 25.00
Placidochromis"Electra Superior" 22.00
Placidochromis sp. "Jalo Reef" 28.00
Protomelas "Fire Blue" n/a
Protomelas Labridens 36.00
Protomelas Steveni "Higga Reef" n/a
Protomelas Steveni "Taiwan Reef" 32.00
Protomelas cf. "Virgatus Gome" 20.00(females only)
Placidochromis sp. "Jaro Green Face" 35.00~VERY RARE!!!!!!!!
Protomelas Fire Blue "Kilumba" n/a
Protomelas Sp. Mbenji ""Thick Lips" n/a
Protomelas Spilonotus-"Mbenji Island" n/a
Protomelas Spilonotus "Mozambique" 35.00
Protomelas Taeniolatus-"Chilumba Jetty" 34.00
Protomelas Taeniolatus-"Steveni Mbenji" n/a
Protomelas Taeniolatus-"Steveni Tiger" n/a
Protomelas Taeniolatus-"Border" 27.00
Stigmatichromis Pholidopherus 27.00
Tramitichromis Lituris-Mdoka 25.00

Lake Victoria

Albino "Ruby Green" Medium Out
Burtoni Medium Out
Dayglow Medium Out
Flameback Medium Out
Haploschromis Crimson Red Medium Out
Haplochromis Crimson Large 10.00
Haplochromis Crimson Tide Medium Out
Haploschromis Hippo Point Salmon Large 12.50
Haplochromis "Purple Princess" Large 10.00
Haplochromis Obliquedens #44 Large 7.00
Haplochromis Sp. "Fire" Medium Out
Haplochromis Kenya Gold Medium Out
Haplochromis Obliquedens Large 8.00

Lake Tanganyika **WILD CAUGHT!
Altolamprologus Calvus Black Congo Large 24.50
Altolamprologus Calvus Black Zambian Large 22.00
Altolamprologus Calvus Ink Fin Large 26.60
Altolamprologus Calvus White Large 25.00
Altolamprologus "Fire Fin" Compressicep Large 25.00
Altolamprologus "Gold Head" Compressicep Large 23.00
Altolamprologus "Karliani" Compressicep Large 23.00
Altolamprologus "Red Fin" Comp."Croc.Island Large 22.60
Altolamprologus "Yellow" Compressicep Large 25.50
Benthochromis Tricoti NEW!! RARE!!!!!! Large 62.50
Cyphotilapia Frontosa Kigoma 7-Stripe 7-9" 139.00
Cyphotilapia Frontosa Ikola Blue 10-11.5" 200.00
Cyphotilapia sp. North "6-Stripe" Burundi 3" 25.00
Cyphotilapia Frontosa Bismark 7-9" 82.00
Cyphotilapia Frontosa Kipili 6" 80.00

Cyphotilapia Frontosa BlueHeadZaire Kalumba 4-5" 120.00
5.5-7" 140.00 7-9" 160.00

Cyphotilapia Frontosa Blue Zaire Moba 4-5" 115.00
5.5-7" 135.00 7-9" 155.00

Cyphotilapia Frontosa Kapampa Zaire 4-5" n/a
5.5-7" n/a 7-9" n/a

Cyphotilapia Frontosa Violet Zaire Kitumba 4-5" 115.00
5.5-7" 135.00 7-9" 155.00

Cyphotilapia Frontosa Violet Zaire Tembwe 4-5.5-7" 115.00
5.5-7" 135.00 7-9" 160.00

Enatiopus sp. Kilesa RARE!!-NICE Large 60.00
Lamprologus Caudopuntatus Small out
Oreochromis "Tanganicae" NEW!!! 4 to7" 16.00
Petrochromis Trewavasae LARGE 18.00
Tropheus "Canary Ceek" Large out
Tropheus Moorii "Bemba" Small out
Tropheus Moorii "Blue Chaitika" 4"Large out
Tropheus Moorii "Ikola Kaiser" Small out
Tropheus Moorii "Ilange" 4"Large out
Tropheus Moorii "Kiriza" 2.5-3" out
Tropheus Moorii "Maswa" Small 8.00
Tropheus "FIRE CRACKER" Moliro Small out
Tropheus Moorii "Rainbow" 2.5-3" out
Tropheus Moorii "Red Sunspot" 4"Large out

Lake Tanganyika Tank/Farm Raised

Altolamprologus Calvus "Ink Fin" F-1 Small 5.00
Altolamprologus Calvus "White Chaitika F-1 Small 5.00
Altolamprologus Comp "Fire Fin" F-1 Small 10.00
Altolamprologus Comp "Gold Face" F-1 Small 10.00
Altolamprologus Comp "Gold Head" Muzi F-1 Small 5.00
Altolamprologus Comp "Orange" F-1 Small 9.00
Altolamprologus Comp Chaitika F-1 Small 5.00
Altolamprologus Comp "Sunset" F-1 Small out
Altolamprologus Comp Yellow F-1 Small 4.75
Cyphotilapia Frontosa Ikola Blue F-1 Small 10.00
Cyphotilapia sp. North "6-Stripe" Burundi F-1 4" 25.00
Lamprologus Brichardi F-1 Small 4.00
Lamprologus Caudopuntatus Small out
Neolamprologus Lelupi Orange F-1 Large 14.00
Tropheus "Canary Ceek" Large out
Tropheus Moorii "Bemba" Small out
Tropheus Moorii "Blue Chaitika" 4"Large out
Tropheus Moorii "Ikola Kaiser" Small out
Tropheus Moorii "Ilange" 4"Large out
Tropheus Moorii "Kiriza" 2.5-3" out
Tropheus Moorii "Maswa" Small 8.00
Tropheus "FIRE CRACKER" Moliro Small out
Tropheus Moorii "Rainbow" 2.5-3" out
Tropheus Moorii "Red Sunspot" 4"Large out

*Ask about ALL Trophues species as we have several coming in VERY SOON and
have new ones in TONIGHT!!! Also, have many on hand, just request and we
will price (good price)!!

Cats & Plecos
Auchenoglanis Occidentalis (Giraffe Catfish) WILD 65.00
Dekeyseria Brachyura (Butterfly Catfish) WILD 60.00
Synodontis spec Crocodile Island NEW!!! Large 45.00 Wild Caught
Synodontis Multipunctatus Small 10.00 Large 30.00 Wild Caught
Synodontis Petricola Large 34.00 Wild Caught
Long Fin Pleco Small 14.00
Pleco Albino Bristle Nose Small Out
Pleco Dwarf Bristle Nose Small 15.00
Pleco Long Fin Small 14.00
Pleco Queen Nugget WILD na
Pseuda Red titanic WILD 60.00

Terms and conditions
*$5.00 Box Charge for each box used in your order

* Prices subject to change without notice (very rare)

*If using Pay-Pal as means of payment, there is a 3% processing fee

*Guarenteed live arrival~There will be no refund on DOA's, we will replace
all DOA's with another fish or give you a credit toward another order
DOAs must take digital picture of them and email the picture within a few
hours after arrival. We also guarantee fish to live at least 24 hours after
arrival. Same rules apply here (picture).

Payment methods accepted: Visa, Master Card, Pay Pal, Money Order, Cashier
Check, Personal check (but will not ship until personal checks clear my

Feedbacks from Russ's customers can be found here

Cichlids U Want Russ and **** Clarke if contacting Russ please mention my name
Location - Louisville KY 40214 United States
Phone #502-384-FISH (3474)
E-mail: [email protected]

Nelson Fletcher
[email protected]
or pm me here

Please feel free to ask for any species not on the list
Prices and species will be updated on a regular time schedule
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That is a pretty comprehensive list there. Wish you had an aquatic plant list that long.
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Me to I am working on it
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Default Re: Huge assortment of Cichlids and others

any tank raised kapampa or moba,or mimpimbwe fronts available?
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